Does this sound like you?

You love a delicious meal. √
Monday’s stink when it comes to cooking dinner. √
You want to feel a connection with the greater Nashville community. √
Delivery would be ideal. √
A free dinner for two to four people sounds pretty amazing. √√√

Welcome to Gigamunch, the best way to ease your Monday dinner woes while expanding your palate and enriching your mind. You see, this food delivery service delivers more than just an authentic international meal each Monday, they deliver an entire cultural experience. Your meal arrives with a cultural guide that includes facts about the culture the meal is representing. You’ll read about the cook and even learn a few words and phrases. The guide also contains a playlist, which you can listen to on YouTube or Spotify. And, of course, there is the food, which comes packaged for easy preparation: just heat and serve!

I just tried my first delivery, and it’s been a while since I was so excited about a new concept here in Nashville. As food is a natural bridge between cultures, and Nashvillians are getting more and more adventurous with their taste buds, the buzz on the street about Gigamunch is enthusiastic, and rightfully so. While I expected the experience to be good, it was better than my highest expectations. I immediately started videoing the experience on my Insta-story as I felt a need to immediately let everyone possible know that they needed to sign up! Simply stated, I was blown away, and I think this company is brilliant.

Since the first dinner, including delivery, is free, it’s a no-brainer to try them out. Yes, you read that right. The first meal (for two or four people) is free and delivered to your door in time for Monday dinner. Just heat and serve.

Note: These photos were taken at night in my kitchen, which does not have great lighting … 

Your meal arrives in this insulated tote and contains your food and this cultural guide with facts about the country, the culture and the person who cooked your meal!

Each part of your meal has instructions for how to serve it.

Here is what the final meal looked like! Image: Gigamunch Facebook

The four co-founders, Enis Cirak, Atish Patel, Piyush Patel and Chris Sipe, all grew up in Tennessee and attended Tennessee Tech in Cookeville. They met through a shared spirit of entrepreneurship, which was on display with various activities they organized. When the school hosted a “Shark Tank”-style competition, the four friends entered (with a slightly different business model) and won the grand prize. With the seed money they won and funds raised through family and friends via Kickstarter, the initial concept was launched. Originally, the business connected home cooks wanting to cook for more people to a wider audience via a food delivery app. However, this made it hard to maintain a quality experience and ensure that food regulations were being maintained. Customer feedback supported that they wanted to try home-cooked meals, but do so while connecting with authentic international experiences. For example, to have Italian food cooked by an Italian grandmother. By honing in on this feedback and being able to utilize the commercial kitchen at Casa Azafrán, Gigamunch relaunched their business with this internationally focused cultural plan in February 2017. It now delivers to over 200 households each Monday.

Each Sunday, a cook representing a different culture in Nashville prepares authentic meals that will be delivered the next day. Thus far, 30 cultures have been represented, and the goal of the Gigamunch cofounders is to be able to showcase over 100 cultures. With over 130 languages spoken in Nashville, it’s the perfect city in which to launch this company. The co-founders deliver the meals on Mondays with some help from a partnership with JoyDriv. (Find out more details on becoming a chef for Gigamunch here.)

Enis, Atish, Piyush and Chris work on Gigamunch full-time, actively marketing the business, creating the weekly brochures and playlists, and finding cooks to represent different cultures.

When ordering, there is a vegetarian option, but beyond that, to ensure that the experience is as authentic as possible, there are no other dietary options. No dairy-free, gluten-free or other choices. The typical customer is pretty adventurous with their eating and again, this keeps the experience and recipes more culturally authentic.

How do you order? Go to Gigamunch and click “Get Your First Order Free” and follow the instructions. It’s that easy. After your free dinner trial, dinners are $35 for two meals and $65 for four meals. This includes all taxes and delivery. Delivery is for most of Nashville including as far south as Franklin and as far north as Hendersonville.

After that, you will receive an email each Tuesday stating what the upcoming cultural meal will be. You can accept or deny the meal. (If you don’t respond, you will have the meal delivered.) This allows you sign up and then still manage your Mondays so that if you are out of town, you won’t get a meal. Or, if you know you don’t like a certain cuisine, you can skip a week and not get charged. You can cancel the entire service at any time for no charge.

While you can receive Gigamunch and have it be entirely about the food, it really is so much more than that; it’s a cultural experience. Over time, customers report feeling a greater empathy to others, that the world feels smaller and that their worldview has expanded. All from a Monday night delivery, which also makes your night easier! Kids love reading the culture guide, and it provides ample opportunity for conversation starters at the dinner table. Gigamunch is bringing families to the dinner table and creating a unique weekly experience. Simply stated, the co-founders of Gigamunch want to help bridge communities through this shared experience of food, and from what I have experienced, they are doing just that.

I’m so excited to stop cooking on Monday nights and to concentrate instead on learning about all the cultures represented in Nashville with some of the best food around.

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