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Flip Nashville

Mark Shaffer welcomes you to Flip Nashville.

What do you think when you hear the word Flip?  A catapult off a diving board?  An itsy- bitsy video camera? A cute hairdo? What you really need to think is:  Flip – one of Nashville’s nicest men’s clothing store. Flip, just south of Frugal McDoogal’s on 8th Avenue, has been on my radar screen for sometime. I passed it often while in the midst of a house renovation, but I was always too hurried to stop in.

As fate would have it, Klane Maples stopped by StyleBlueprint’s consignment sale to donate a sizable check to Nashville Children’s Alliance for the opportunity to hand out flyers at the sale. He had me convinced: I knew it was time for me to meet Flip.

Men's suit at Flip Nashville

Another fabulous outfit by Flip

When you walk in the door of Flip Nashville, the first thing you notice is a store which is impeccable, orderly and chock full of gorgeous MEN’S  clothing.  The shirts are neatly pressed, pants hung with care and the ties meticulously displayed on the wall. Unlike so many women’s consignment stores in Nashville, the racks are easy to peruse since they are not crammed full of clothing. A quick search through the racks found these names: Burberry, Armani, DuChamp, Gucci, Prada, Brooks Brothers, Diesel and more. Many items were brand new with tags indicating their original cost and the new Flip cost.

striped shirt

A brand new shirt by DuChamp

Flip Nashville price tag

The greatly reduced “Flip” price

Being the curious shopper that I am, I had to pipe up, “OK, what’s the deal here?” Flip has relationships with buyers across the country to get overruns- and most of these overruns come from a collection of impressive men’s stores.  You’ll find garments from Sebastian’s in Dallas, JS Edwards in Baltimore and Brady’s in the Hotel del Coronado.  Flip offers new merchandise at prices well below retail.  If you are lucky enough to find it on sale, prices may be discounted another 50 – 75%.

Flip Nashville clothing rack with men's shirts

Flip Nashville has a huge inventory of jackets and shirts

rack of colorful ties

Gently used ties are part of Flip’s inventory

The owner and the store manager are both quick to say that Flip Nashville does not compete with retailers and would not exist without them. Both agreed, Flip actually compliments Nashville retailers.  If a jacket purchased from Flip requires a special tie or pant, they’ll send you to Levy’s or J. Michaels.  And if you think about it, all consignment shops have three types of customers:

  • Consignors only
  • Shoppers only
  • Both shoppers & consignors.

They have a hefty group of consignors who flip their clothes with cash in hand and head out the door to buy more from local retailers.

Flip touts a no pressure to buy atmosphere and lots of guys pop by once a week just to see what’s new in the store. One such customer is Tom Ozburn, a young, handsome Nashville executive.  While I was there, Tom scored a simply gorgeous, brand new Burberry sports coat from the Oxford Shop and a truly too tough Armani leather jacket.  Each was deeply discounted and TOTAL FINDS.  Job well done, Tom!

Man in Burberry suit jacket

Tom Ozburn is his newly acquired Burberry jacket

To answer customer demand, Flip has added a line of new, never worn men’s ties under their Flip label priced amazingly at $48 with the retail value at almost $100.  Some things just don’t consign well, and men can be especially hard on their ties.  However, the gorgeous rack of ties in Flip is amazing: both the consigned and new ties.

tie selection in yellow hues

Flip has new ties for under $50

We all know women love to dress their husbands or boyfriends so I inquired about Flip Nashville’s return policy (not that my husband would EVER return anything I bought him!).  The truth is Flip doesn’t really have one, but Mark will let you take items out to check for size or items that may need a complicated alteration.  While I was there, I put 3 sports coats on hold along with several shirts for my hubby, David.  He scored an incredible blue linen blazer and shirt.  Think about it: if you find great clothes for your husband at Flip, more money in the family budget for you!

As I watched the Armani jacket walk out of the door, I had to ask, “What is the coolest thing you have ever consigned?’ Both agreed an Emperor’s Cashmere Coat valued at $18,000 which sold for about $1,500.  Apparently, there are still some snowy goats out there (the animal, not the men…!) that are incredibly pristine, maybe even free rangers, and their wool is very, very much in demand.  I am so glad I asked.  Who knew?

The pictures tell the true story of Flip’s success.

Flip’s motto says it all:  It’s hip to flip

Please tell them that Liza and Elizabeth sent you!

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