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Sheila Davis Curtis, owner of Arches

Meet  Sheila Davis Curtis. Eyebrow artist: yes, knowing how to shape and contour eyebrows requires a talented artist. I come by this statement honestly as I have had my brows waxed to the nub, plucked beyond recognition and penciled in to the point that I could have been a stand-in for Bette Davis.

You think I am kidding?  Promise, I am not. I was born with what some may say is a gift, and some may say is a complete curse; I have dark, thick and yes, very wavy eyebrows.  Believe me,  over the years I have taken the brunt of these brows – from being called Eddie Munster’s younger brother (I mean, they could have at least given me SISTER!) to the endearing nickname of “Alibeth” in college.

I have found my way to Sheila Curtis, and I will not turn back. Sheila traveled with country music stars for years calling Amy Grant and the musical group, Little Big Town, her favorites.  Tired of being on the road all the time, she decided to set up a permanent home at Apropos in Green Hills (right next to Bella Linen and Designer Finds).  Arches by SCD is the name of her business, and contouring brows is her game.  And, she is really good at what she does.  She does not believe in waxing brows for couple of reasons: it can irritate and cause allergic reactions in many women, and waxing does not give the brow artist control over the process.  Sheila says waxing brows is like cutting hair and sending you out with a wet head.  Not only do you not know what you get, you don’t know the end result.  She prefers to tweeze the brows for better control and less irritation.

Sheila is currently developing her own product line of pencils and brushes under her own label.


After: Much Better

Sheila likes to  schedule her appointments through email and encourages customers to pre-book since she is so busy.

Also, Sheila is offering StyleBlueprint readers a $10 off introductory discount on your first brow shaping. Brow shaping costs $45.

Sheila Davis Curtis
Brow Artist

[email protected]

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