The Nashville culinary scene just got a little more interesting thanks to a brand new initiative called Nations in our Neighborhood. Nations in our Neighborhood, created to encourage Nashville residents to step outside of their comfort zone and try ethnic cuisines at different restaurants in town, was founded by Renuka Christoph, a journalist with a passion for travel writing, graphic design, marketing and, of course, food.

Renuka tapped 18 different restaurants in Nashville to participate in Nations in our Neighborhood, each serving unique cuisines, ranging from German to Jamaican. “The mission [of Nations in our Neighborhood] is far deeper than just touring restaurants,” Renuka says. In fact, her hope is that Nations in our Neighborhood, which runs through October 4, 2018, will show Music City residents that food can serve as a bridge between cultures and that you don’t have to splurge on an airplane ticket and a hotel room to learn about life in a different part of the world.

Your tastebuds can travel the world for only $39.99 during the Nations in our Neighborhood initiative, which runs now through October 4, 2018.

Your tastebuds can travel the world for only $39.99 during the Nations in our Neighborhood initiative, which runs now through October 4, 2018.

Each of the 18 participating restaurants understand this mission and agree with it. “These restaurants that I’ve chosen consider the immigrant population vital,” adds Renuka

Enis Cirak, owner and founder of Gigamunch, which delivers ready-to-eat meals from around the world to your doorstep every week, shares Renuka’s vision. “As you become more open and curious, there is simply less conflict and division.”

Nations in our Neighborhood is just the first step for Renuka Christoph. She hopes to not only make this an annual event in Nashville, but to bring it to other cities. And she also wants to begin having events at different restaurants where she offers cross-cultural training for people curious about customs in other cultures. Her goal and her hope is to “find the similarities between cultures rather than seeking out the differences.”

Renuka, pictured here, invites you to grab your passport and enjoy your culinary travels right her in Music City!

To participate in Nations in our Neighborhood, you can purchase a “passport” anytime between now and October 4, 2018. With the purchase of a passport ($39.99), you get one free chef’s sample plate at each of the 18 participating restaurants, one free meal from home delivery service Gigamunch (worth $34.99), one free dinner each week at a different participating restaurant (worth $21.95) and an invitation to the closing celebration at the Bavarian Bierhaus, which takes place on October 4, 2018. Planned festivities include live music, food, beer and more. Passports can be purchased at Barnes & Noble Vanderbilt, The Savory Spice Shop, Bavarian Bierhaus, Le Creuset outlet or online.

To learn more about Nations in our Neighborhood, visit

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