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Getting someone’s attention is hard to do these days.  The world is coming at us fast and in between the tweets and the texts, lots of great ideas never get seen, much less noted.

That’s why I’m making this VERY IMPORTANT OFFER, because I want you to become familiar with something called a Pestemal. If you already know what a Pestemal is, great. If, after you’ve read this post, you would like to own your own Pestemal FREE, then read about our first ever sweepstakes drawing for a FREE one at the end of this post!

Now, take a look at the photo below.

As you ponder it, you may say, “What the heck is it? Is it a Mediterranean prayer cloth, a feed sack, maybe a tablecloth?  Or could I use it for a bath towel, a wrap or a sarong?”  The answer to all of the above is “yes.” What’s great about Pestemal is it can be used for whatever you need, whenever you need them.

The Pestemal is a 70″ x 35″ hand loomed textile, known as a hamas towel, which is making a cult-like resurgence in the Western world for a variety of reasons.  They are environmentally friendly and take less energy to launder, so Pestamals really appeal to the green crowd, of which I’m a proud member.  They’re also very absorbent. Big, fluffy towels that look great on the shelf but don’t absorb a drop of water are passe’.  Give me something utilitarian any day.

If you are heading to the beach this summer, grab a couple for your trip. They can be used as a picnic blanket on the way down for your roadside lunch, or as protection from the sun as you stroll down the beach. The Pestemal is versatile, with many different uses and is an affordable gift that fits everyone.

Sue Joyce, a local designer and founder of The Trillium Collection, scours the world looking for unusual objects to sell. She will be at AshBlue this Saturday to demonstrate all the ways to wrap your Pestemal and use them.  Pestemals are made in Buldan, Turkey where artisans weave them following a centuries-old technique.  Pestemals come in colored cotton, natural cotton, linen and silk.  They come in a huge array of colors, all playful and reminiscent of Spring.  Most are priced between $25 – $45 depending on the fabric and style.

AshBlue and The Trillium Collection will offer a 10% discount this Saturday on all sales made that day.   With high school graduations, weddings, and parties galore, it’s worth a drive to Bandywood this Saturday to stock up.   Sue also has a gorgeous collection of linens and other handmade textiles for sale at AshBlue.

Now – how to get your FREE one!   We have one to give away and all you have to do is tweet out “sign up for @styleblueprint daily emails at .  This Nashville style blog succeeds at being your daily “coffee read”  We will randomly select one Twitter and let everyone know who won on our Facebook page on Friday night!  Don’t have a Twitter account?  Ok, you can play too.  Just email out that same thing to at least 10 friends and include us ([email protected]) on the cc or bcc.  You will be entered as well!

AshBlue (they also have the Temple St. Clair jewelry collection in the store and it is GORGEOUS!)

2170 Bandywood Drive
Nashville, TN 37215

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