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I concur with Liza; these really aren’t always my favorite posts, but rather, the ones I am particularly fond of tonight.  Ask me tomorrow, and I will probably have a completely different list.  It is amazing to consider the breadth of work we have produced in 2010.  The wonderful thing about writing StyleBlueprint is we never, ever lack topics to write about.  It’s a real tribute to Nashville and the businesses that keep our city so interesting.  Every time I meet one of the readers and hear them say, “I look forward to starting my day with StyleBlueprint,” I am inspired to keep on writing.  Thank you for providing that inspiration.
Here are some of the blogs I was especially fond of in 2010:
Turks and Caicos, click here:

A funny thing happened with the Turks and Caicos post.  Not only did lots of our readers go there, but thousands of people from all over the world read this post. It took our Chief Technology Officer (Liza’s husband) a couple of months to unravel the mystery, but the Turks and Caicos post was picked up by Google and our photo featured on their home page when you search for “Turks and Caicos.”  As Andy Warhol said so eloquently, “Everyone has 15 minutes of fame.”  Well, this was mine.  A friend in marketing said to me, “Do you realize how much money companies pay for that opportunity?”  Well, sort of…not really.  Anyway, my visit to Turks with my darling husband David was a magical vacation and seeing almost 70,000 hits on that one post is pretty cool.

I loved interviewing Nicole Miller and was so excited because I had heard that my midwife was her sister.  What a zinger of an ice breaker to begin the interview!  So, I said to her, “Guess what, your sister, Ann Miller, delivered my baby; isn’t that a coincidence?”  And in a complete deadpan voice, Nicole Miller said, “She’s not my sister.”  Oh, well.  It was a great interview anyway and when I met her, we had a couple of laughs about her cousin, Ann Miller, who was my midwife.

The Best of Trader Joe’s, click here:

Believe it or not, I just heard the term “evergreen” at our Gift and Accessories Show.  If you are not in the know, “evergreen” is a media term that describes something that is not time sensitive and can be used whenever.  The Trader Joe’s idea seemed to get greener as I procrastinated about finishing it.  We posted a Facebook query (are you a fan of StyleBlueprint?  Click here to become one!) asking all of you to tell us what you most loved from Trader Joe’s and the response was overwhelming.  Well, when I finally went to Trader Joe’s to finish the post, I had a complete riot. Shoppers and store employees were zooming me around the store showing me their favorite items.  I spent over $100 and became eternally devoted to Trader Joe’s.  Now, let’s all make our New Year’s resolution to get wine in Trader Joe’s.
What to wear to Nashville’s Black Tie Par- tays, click here:
This blog was so fun because Liza and I got so many laughs out of our evening at the Nashville Ballet Ball. We were decked to the nines–I had checked myself into Shelia Curtis (the amazing brow stylist) for a complete makeup and up-do session.  I walked out of Shelia’s door looking absolutely gorgeous.  The funny part of the story is we asked a certain social editor in town if he/she (I won’t disclose who it was, but catch me after a glass of wine and I will!) would take our picture so we could send pictures to everyone who had a hand in making us look like movie stars – including Carol Peretz, who personally sent us dresses from NYC to wear this night!  Our camera battery was dead – shocker – so we really were in need of someone with a camera.  Upon surveying us quickly, he/she said, “I will, but frankly, I am not impressed.”  We were so stunned that we stood there looking like squashed puppies.  Since then, we have laughed hysterically at the comment.  You can be the judge.

Drum roll….

Have a Mad Men Thanksgiving, click here:

I got the idea for this post while hiking on my trail in Percy Warner Park.  I am proud of my Southern tradition, but boy, did we know how to create some bizarr-o creations in the 60’s.   When my Mother died, I said, “She sent casseroles out of our house for 50 years and 50 years worth of casseroles came back.”  This post really was a tribute to all of our mothers who so diligently whipped up their Campbell’s soup and Velveeta cheese concoctions with cocktail and cigarette in hand–it was made from pure love.
Happy 2011!
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