Dying to know how to help your cut and color last longer? Wondering what hair trends you should be in-the-know about? Questioning if bangs will be your summer look? We were too. So, we sat down with Element Salon‘s Creative Director Glenda Martin to ask these burning questions and more. Step into the salon with a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to leave more than satisfied with your new ‘do, and go home ready to treat your hair with the TLC it deserves.

Before you sit down in the chair at Element Salon, arm yourself with answers to these questions.

Before you sit down in the chair, arm yourself with answers to these important hair questions.

What’s the newest trend for hair color?

In fashion, as in hair, fall and winter are steeped in deep and lush tones — think of the movie The Great Gatsby. The color is turned up a notch with extra richness. For example, subtle tone differences give depth. A cut that is modern and timeless gives a sense of luxury and high style.

So, is it the season of the brunette?

Well, I would say it’s the season for being bold. The same concept of depth and intense color can be applied to all colors. Reds, for example, lend themselves to this trend, but there’s a danger of falling into either a dull, uninteresting red or going too far into an unnatural, over-the-top red. You need a perfect red that falls beautifully between the two extremes.

Looking at the relationship between fashion and hair, what is the next big thing?

Fashion and hair are one in the same. You can always tell when someone thinks of their hair in terms of fashion and dresses to complement their personal style. I just returned from Paris and London, and I have to say I love what I saw. The decadent ’80s-inspired rich tones are going to be huge this season.

Can we talk bangs? Who does this look work for? What are tips for pulling off bangs?

Bangs, or fringe, is such a controversial subject — one I have very strong views on. I believe in fall/winter fringe, but I am not a fan of summer fringe. Living in the South, with humidity, and summer beach vacations make bangs tricky. After a day on the beach or at the pool, fringe doesn’t dry well on its own. Summer fringe is more of a hassle than anything! Having bangs in fall and winter is fabulous! They have sort of a mod and dark, sexy vibe — plus, they look adorable with a beanie and you don’t have to battle that summer sweat!

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Balayage has been incredibly prevalent the last few years. Is that changing?

Balayage is timeless and allows us to achieve many looks, which is why we specialize in this technique. Is it changing? Well, we are in the industry of change, but I would say that balayage is here to stay but is evolving. We are now introducing foils, along with balayage, to achieve subtleties in our looks. We call it “butterfly lights” because the look allows the hair to catch the light in the same way a butterfly’s wings catch the sunlight in flight. It is truly beautiful.

What are a few ways we can revamp our hair routine for spring?

Embracing your natural texture is the best thing to do for spring — moving from winter’s smoother textures to spring and summer’s more whimsical texture. An easy way to achieve this is to fix your hair normally, and then sleep on it for a day or two — inviting the natural kinks and texture that comes with living in it. Texture spray helps this look seem more intentional.

How often should we be shampooing?

Why waste your fabulous products if you don’t need to! I wash my hair twice a week. I always recommend using a dry shampoo on your first day as a preventative, instead of adding it later as a solution. Your blow dry will last so much longer!

What are your best tips for making the most of — or taking care of — different hair types (thin, thick and dry, curly, greasy)?

The best tip I can give for all hair types is starting with the proper shampoo and conditioner. It is the base. It is going to set you up for success. If you are using the wrong shampoo and conditioner, you are just fighting an uphill battle. When I am helping clients build their beauty regimen, I start always with the right shampoo for their texture. Fine to frizzy, Kerastase has it.

What is the biggest hair care mistake you see people making?

Over-styling your hair is the worst thing you can do. Over-washing, too much straightening and curling, and excess dry shampooing will create more problems with all textures. Keep it simple. Thermal protectors are the most important styling products you can use. It helps lengthen your blow out and is a moisturizer for the hair. When you don’t moisturize and protect your skin, we all know what happens! The same goes for your hair.

How can you prolong the life of your cut or color?

I recommend coming in for a gloss. It moisturizes and prolongs the richness of your color. It seals the cuticle to help your cut look its best. Shiny hair is the happiest hair.

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