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Today, learn more about EiO & The Hive and their FREE Sunday Parking Lot Parties … 

Since opening EiO & THE HIVE last June at 5304 Charlotte Ave., owner Jennifer Masley has introduced her concept of holistic, healthy living to West Nashville and beyond. Jennifer and partner Tom Morales offer an inventive menu of healthy comfort foods made using organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients sourced locally whenever feasible. “We are committed to local and have formed partnerships with many local farms, through Nashville Grown and the local farmers markets,” Jennifer explains.

Jennifer recognizes that there are easier ways to open a restaurant. “Everybody talks about ‘farm-to-fork,’ but we try to be truly locally sourced whenever we can,” she explains. “Concentrating on foods that are local and organic puts constraints on us, but we look for creative ways to work within those constraints.” For example, during the winter months, Jennifer worked with some  local greenhouse growers to provide fresh produce throughout the winter months.

EiO & THE HIVE, at 5304 Charlotte Ave., strives to make healthy living easy and approachable.

The result of these types of efforts is a menu that features dishes that won’t weigh you down for the rest of the day. Starting out with juices composed of artful combinations of fruits and vegetables and then moving to egg-centric breakfast platters accented with colorful vegetables to please the eye and the palate as well as increase the healthy quotient of your meal, EiO seeks to nourish your body and your soul. Elixirs made from herbs, spices and grasses are designed to treat specific ailments while increasing energy and the body’s immunity. Of course, you can still get a great burger at EiO & THE HIVE, but you’ll feel good about the fact that it is made with grass-fed beef from nearby Bells Bend Farms.

Although the atmosphere is comfortably casual, EiO & THE HIVE is very serious about their food. “We want to push the concept of ‘fine casual’ instead of ‘fast casual.’ It seems that Nashville is a full-service city. As such, we have listened to our customers and are transitioning to a table-service model in May, adding appetizers and mains and desserts to the menu,” shares Jennifer. “For our regular and loyal breakfast and lunch customers, the dining time will remain the same. We’ll build our dinner around our organic cocktails, beers and wines and a slow food menu with big flavor. We are adding a reservation system as well, and our very popular brunch is extending to Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.”

If you’re craving healthy comfort food to wind up your weekend, you can now get dinner on Sundays at EiO & THE HIVE. “We are now open Sunday evenings with an emphasis on families and kids, which as been quite popular,” adds Jennifer. “It’s been fun to see our little human friends building their own HIVE.”

The selection of fresh juices you'll find at EiO are composed of artful combinations of fruits and vegetables.

The selection of fresh juices you’ll find at EiO are composed of artful combinations of fruits and vegetables.

Jennifer and Tom are working on a new menu that will emphasize the sort of “slow food” that conscious and conscientious diners look for, but with the understanding that convenience is still a real need in today’s society. “Brunch on weekends has been great, and lunch is where it’s at,” shares Jennifer. “But we want our dinner business to be about convenience and takeaway orders, so we’ll be offering both individual and family-size portions.” With a Nashville rarity of 20 designated parking spaces for the restaurant, EiO & THE HIVE should make for an easy solution for families looking for healthy food to take home. A special register is dedicated to carryout orders, and customers can call in orders in advance or choose from an online menu.

However, Jennifer doesn’t believe that healthy living revolves solely around your diet. “It’s not just about what you eat,” she explains. “Our health-oriented events focus on 360° of your mind, body, spirit and mental fitness. However you wrap your mind around your life, I believe that toxic food leads to toxic thoughts, and we want to make that better.”

The Sunday Parking Lot Parties are back and begin May 6 with a Booty Bootcamp led by Jennifer, who has a long history of personal and fitness coaching. These are for all fitness levels and will run the first and third Sundays of the month, with Shakti Yoga the first Sunday, and the third will be a rotating fitness class from a local studio or led by Jennifer. The classes are free from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., and space is limited to approximately 75 people, so get there early! And afterward? Treat yourself! “Brunch after is a great reward for the fun and challenging work we do in the classes,” Jennifer says. “Our Parking Lot Parties are as much about fitness as they are about building community — THE HIVE!”

During the winter, the events hosted by EiO are moved inside, but when the weather's warmer, there's always a full class at the various community-driven events hosted in front of the restaurant.

During the winter, the events hosted by EiO are moved inside, but when the weather’s warmer, there’s always a full class at the various community-driven events hosted in front of the restaurant.

As a wellness entrepreneur, Jennifer Masley’s life revolves around answering questions, sharing encouragement and connecting people with local, sustainable food as part of a healthy lifestyle. At EiO & THE HIVE, she has found the perfect venue to connect with Nashville to help people improve their bodies, minds and lives through thoughtful eating. She embodies her personal motto: one body, one life.

To find out more about EIO & THE HIVE’s events, visit the restaurant’s website.

This article is sponsored by EiO & THE HIVE.

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