$258, with sale: $116.10

Eccoci.  You pronounce it echo-chi and thus it sounds a bit like something you would say after someone sneezes.  But, it’s actually Italian for HERE.  For me it means: strike when the iron is hot for BIG savings.  Eccoci is owned by the same parent company which owns high-end trunk show brands Carlisle, Per Se and Etcetera.  However,  the Eccoci brand is sold through storefronts and online — not trunk shows.  I love good business sense and this parent company is quite smart.  Why?  Let me explain it to you:

I am VERY familiar with Etcetera clothes as I sold them for the past 2 1/2 years.  I love them and even though I am no longer selling, I’m a huge fan of the quality and customer service.  Really, if you have the opportunity to go to a trunk sale, GO!   Selling so many of these clothes, I know the fabrics and styles backwards and forwards.  What Eccoci has done is take the fabric overruns for Carlisle, Per Se and ETC and switch these fabrics for alternate patterns than which they were sold at trunk shows (thus still keeping the goods sold via trunk sale exclusive to the individual line.)  Voila- a brand new item is created, with excess fabric, and more clothes can be sold. (Disclaimer: I have not been told this, but these are my own assumptions based off of my personal experience and looking at this site, and knowing that it IS the same parent company.)

So someone as familiar with the line, as say I am, can look online as say, “Hmmm, they took the fabric from that pair of pants I loved and made a great dress from the same pattern of the dress I liked so much….”  These clothes are very well made and are at great prices.  Plus, they have a 21 day return policy AND everything on the ENTIRE website is 55% off right now!  Just enter the coupon code T55 at the checkout.  Suede, leather, Fall, Holiday, EVERYTHING.  They don’t mention when the sale is ending, so order quickly.  I certainly hope I don’t embarrass myself and that the sale ends the day I post this!  I promise these are great clothes at UNBELIEVABLE prices.  And, with no tax and $10 shipping, what’s not to love?  If you don’t love, return.  You should only have pieces you LOVE in your closet.  Warning: the pictures on the website are really not the best… the clothes are so much prettier in person…  With that, if you take the chance, I think you will be glad you did!

Here are my personal favorites.  Yes, I do realize that they are all pretty much neutrals with very little pattern.  But, that’s me and these are MY favorites.  If you want color, pattern and animal print, check out the site–  There is plenty!  If you click on the picture , it will bring you straight to the individual page on which it is sold at Enter T55 as the coupon code at checkout.  The sale is listed on the home page, so go to to make sure sale is still on.

My Eccoci Favorites


$98, with sale: $44.10


$198, with sale: $89.10


Olive Suede, $448. With sale: $201.60


I have a suit made out of this same fabric. I LOVE it. Not made to be super warm, but great for about 40 degrees and above. $348, with sale: $156.60


I have the sleeveless version of this top. Hand wash, great top. $78, with sale: $35.10

On a sad note, and completely unrelated this to Eccoci sale, I want to acknowledge yet another great magazine closing its door: goodbye to Metropolitan Home. To read more and see pictures, click here for my friend’s blog at Nest Egg.