Here’s a fun and simple project to brighten up your table, entry or powder room. This was inspired by similar ones found on Pinterest. Warning: it’s hard not to keep eating this centerpiece!

Finished product!

You will need:

  • large glass vase or hurricane
  • candy corn (2 – 3 bags)
  • Peeps marshmallow ghosts and pumpkins
  • mason jar for the center
  • bittersweet or some other flower for the center



Begin by pouring 1 bag of candy corn into the vase and then add a row of Peeps marshmallow ghosts. Scroll through the pictures that follow to see how the rest of this centerpiece comes together. (These photos were taken at night with my iPhone because my kids couldn’t wait to make this! Thus, my photos are a bit fuzzy….)

I used 3 packs of Peeps ghosts, minus ONE ghost!




Notice I used a candy corn bag to cover the mason jar in the middle so that no candy ended up in it.


Luckily, I had one Peeps ghost and two Peeps pumpkins left over, which was perfect for three kiddos!


Wouldn’t this be perfect for a front desk at an office, an outdoor party, or just ‘cuz at anyone’s home?!



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