I can spend hours on a holiday table setting, so when I saw this “Christmas Dinner Party in a Box” by Hester & Cook, I was skeptical. Can this really end up better than my hours spent fretting and tweaking and changing?! Friends who have used these insist these items make a Christmas or New Year’s table look fabulous, stress-free. Intrigued, I drove to Hester & Cook (yes, most people know Hester & Cook via their website or as a brand sold in fabulous boutiques … but as I’m in Nashville, I’m lucky enough to have their flagship store right here!). I checked out the papers in person and then I brought some home to try them out … and yes, after seeing firsthand how easy and beautiful the table was, I was completely convinced that, indeed, this is the way to a fabulous table in no time flat! The skeptic is a convert!

Check out the table I arranged here at my friend Coco’s home:



Here is the daunting task: decorate this table in about 15 minutes to be full on Christmas.


The table runner was cut to fit the table and six placemats are added (remember, you get 30 placemats).


Next, I used some white pumpkins still around from Thanksgiving and added some cotton and red berries. I also grabbed the hurricane candle holders from the sideboard and placed in the centerpiece.


Then, Coco ran outside to get some magnolia to make the centerpiece “pop” and white dinner plates were added.

We’re almost finished … Now, for the glasses, silverware, napkins, place cards and table banners!


Ta da! Look how pretty! We had several minutes to spare and it looks great. AND, we had enough left over to make this table TWICE (for 12 people). Once those are used, there is still plenty leftover from the table runner paper and still another 18 placemats! And gift tags and Christmas cards …


Here, you can see the place card up close.

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Here, you can see the placemat up close.

Wondering what a gold table banner is? It's the pretty piece above the plates that I wrote "Merry Christmas" on! Aren't they fabulous?

Wondering what a gold table banner is? It’s the pretty piece above the plates that I wrote “Merry Christmas” on! Aren’t they fabulous?

Maybe you just decided that you really need to use cotton and white pumpkins for your Christmas table. It’s pretty, huh?! But, if you agree that this Christmas Dinner Party in a Box looks like the easiest way to a festive table, order yours today. Hester & Cook is ready to send them and yep, free shipping.


These items can be found in Hester & Cook’s Classics Collection.


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