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My love affair with consignment stores goes way back. I simply adore them, probably because they make the budget director voice inside of me so happy.  The first time I walked in Designer Finds I met Rheem Acra’s Mom (the incredible designer of Jill Biden’s inaugural dress) and I was completely hooked.  When you walk in Designer Finds, it has great space.  It is neat and orderly, the clothes are separated  by color and by type of clothing.  Honestly, it is filled with designer treasures: Gucci boots, Tori Burch pants, BCBG shoes and so much more.  If you hit it right, like we did, you can find discounts up to 50%.

the camisole and jacket work together

the camisole and jacket work together

The playfull earrings and clutch complete the look

The playful earrings and clutch complete the look

Liza and I thought it would be fun to ask the closet organizers, Tina Adams and Rebecca Thompson, to meet us at Designer Finds and work their magic.  I asked my walking buddy Amy to meet us at the store and be our model for the day.  Amy has your classic  girl- next-door look, and in fact, she is my girl -next- door (she lives two blocks from me.)  It also doesn’t hurt that she’s got a fantastic figure at about  5’9″.

Here was our challenge to the Closet Girls (my endearing name for them): put together three outfits including accessories for under $100.  We wanted to see a career look, casual look and a drop dead evening outfit.


The tailored shirt with rolled sleeve and pencil skirt create a sophisticated look

For those of you who are not familiar with Tina and Rebecca, they are closet organizers extraordinaire.  For a nominal fee, they will meet you in your closet, pare down the things you don’t need and create tons of outfits from your existing wardrobe.  I can attest to their expertise since I invited them in my closet.

Here are some of their pearls of wisdom which once again were emphasized during our visit to Designer Finds:

  • Invest in  a good camisole as it makes your clothing lay flat and look better.
  • Jeans must fit well and be the right length as they are a key component in your wardrobe.
  • Accessories truly finish the outfit.  Don’t hold back and don’t be too “matchy-matchy”.
  • Use accessories and shoes to add contrast to an outfit.
  • There are always more clothes.  Don’t settle for clothes that don’t feel good or don’t fit perfectly.
  • Don’t buy an item without considering how you’ll use them in your wardrobe.

The end result of our shopping trip: three outfits under $100 including accessories. And as an added extra, Tina and Rebecca took the evening outfit and created a totally new look  for perhaps a day at the Steeplechase.  Tell us about your favorite consignment store and your finds.

Designer Finds
Gallery at Green Hills
2210 Crestmoor Road
Nashville, TN  37215
Phone:  615-279-1994

Don't you just love the ruffles and neckline of this dress?

Don’t you just love the ruffles and neckline of this dress?

Accessories give the same dress a differrent look

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