Until very recently, downtown Nashville hotels weren’t necessarily known for their luxury. But with the rising popularity of Music City for bachelorette parties, conventions, sporting events, concerts and more, downtown hotels like The Westin Nashville are showing the city what luxury really is. Not only does this hotel boast stunning views from its L27 rooftop lounge, the world-class Rhapsody Spa and the upscale restaurant Decker & Dyer, but it is a hotel focused on the guest’s experience from the time they get out of their vehicle to the time they check out. We spoke with The Westin Nashville’s General Manager Hugh Templeman about his unique philosophy on what luxury really is and offer you a peek inside this opulent hotel.

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Welcome to The Westin Nashville! You’ll definitely enjoy your stay!

Downtown Nashville hotels

General Manager Hugh Templeman brings more than 32 years of experience in the hospitality industry to The Westin Nashville.

When you step into the lobby, you’re greeted by gleaming floors and stunning chandeliers. On the weekends, live singer-songwriter music serenades you while you check in, and staff immediately takes care of you in The Westin way. Hugh explains that what makes The Westin Nashville so special is the fact that rather than focusing on standard operations, though important, they aim to give the guests lifelong memories. “The real job is to make someone smile and remember why they’re here. They’re not here to sleep or eat. If it was truly just to sleep and eat, you’d be in a much less expensive hotel than The Westin in Nashville,” he says.

The Westin Nashville Luxury Suites are the absolute epitome of decadence. Take in sweeping skyline views from the King Broadway Suite’s golden clawfoot tub, or play a round of billiards with your own private pool table in the Broadway Suite. Whichever room you choose, you are sure to get the best of the best when it comes to hotel amenities. The bed is our favorite. “Our Westin brand has a specific product called the Heavenly Bed, which is so detailed that there are actually three sheets that have different thread. You’ve got our Heavenly mattresses that are consistent across the brand. On top of that, you’ve got the duvet, which adds another level of opulence,” Hugh explains.

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Decker & Dyer, one of The Westin Nashville’s dining experiences, features a 40-foot screen playing vintage music videos. Enjoy the show while you sip a craft cocktail or nosh on delicious bites from Executive Chef Jake Strang.

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Luxury abounds in the Broadway Suite, which offers stunning views and unmatched indulgences.

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Enjoy a soak in this gorgeous clawfoot tub. You can imagine how any worries will be washed away!

Meanwhile, the Rhapsody Spa is an oasis for guests in the midst of the hustle and bustle of downtown Nashville. A lavish treatment menu includes the Rhapsody Regeneration — a spa favorite featuring a full-body exfoliation, aromatherapy experience and hot stone massage. Each treatment uses high-end ESPA products and choose-your-own aromatherapy for a more personalized touch.

“Luxury is that personal interaction that leaves an impact,” Hugh tells us. After working in the hospitality industry for over 32 years and across four continents, he has devised a way to implement these high standards with the acronyms “SERVICE” and “HEART.” “SERVICE is what we do,” he explains, “and HEART is who we are.”

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Spoil yourself with any of Rhapsody Spa’s signature treatments!

Downtown Nashville Hotel

Every detail is carefully executed at The Westin Nashville, from the bedding to the menus to design. We’re loving this lighting and orb space.

SERVICE stands for Smiling, Eye contact, Recognition, Voice, Information, Caring and Exceeding expectations. HEART is the hotel’s philosophical position of who they want to be for their guests. The letter “H” stands for Host. Simply put, they look after people. The “E” stands for Entrepreneurial spirit. The Westin Nashville prides itself on not doing everything the same way as everyone else, but in a way that guests will respond to. The “A” stands for Action-oriented. This is making sure the guest gets what they want when they want it. The “R” stands for Relationship-oriented. “You cannot have a lifelong memory unless you actually have a relationship with the guest,” Hugh says. And the “T” is simply Treating others as we would want to be treated.

As promised, this philosophy offers each guest a personalized experience rather than just a room with a bed and a place to eat, and that is true opulence!

The Westin Nashville is located at 807 Clark Place, Nashville, TN 37203. Learn more at (615) 248-2800 or on their website HERE.

This article is sponsored by The Westin Nashville.