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A friend of mine was lamenting the fact that her closet was a wreck, and as a result, she was having a difficult time getting her summer wardrobe together.  After leaving her high powered job, she had lots of “work” clothes, but very few hang out with the kids clothes.  She asked, “What do you wear in the summer that’s casual?”  My first response was “Now that’s and easy one.” Could it be that we all gravitate to uniforms because they are both familiar and mindless? Here is my classic summer uniform…most of which is stuff that will be trashed by Summer’s end… it looks like this:

Michael Stars T-shirts.  We heavily endorse these tops at StyleBluePrint.

Michael Stars T-shirts. We heavily endorse these tops at StyleBluePrint.

Absolutely, a passel of  Michael Stars t-shirts. They have free shipping offers about once a month so jump on it.  In my closet I have: two white, two black, a brown, and a charcoal grey.  They look fabulous with skirts, shorts, and even under a business suit with pearls.  One size fits all at $31.00 a tee.

Next, on to Target to get a couple of skirts or even better: skorts (Liza hates skorts, I love skorts.  I don’t get her: how can she not embrace these?).  I found my favorite blue jean skort there a couple of years ago.  I finally tossed it when the zipper broke.  If Target does not fit you or all the small sizes are gone, head to Old Navy.  They have skirts in various shades of denim and white.  If you hit Old Navy at the right time, it can be a gold mine.  Also, while TJ Maxx fails in the skirt department, they do a great for active wear with plenty of work out pants and tennis skirts.   Did I mention that I absolutely can not stand capri pants?  But, I know they are a mainstay for many; the clam-digger length is more my style.

Athleta Sunburst Skirt; $49

Athleta Sunburst Skirt; $49

Next, splurge on a great fitting skirt or skort from Athleta. For those of you that don’t know, the GAP just purchased them.  The bad news is we now pay tax on online purchases, the good news is…not sure yet.  Maybe that they stayed in business?  Let’s hope the prices go down, with the quality staying fab.  I have truly loved most things I’ve ordered from this catalog.

J Crew Stretch summer weight bermuda.  On Sale: $39.50

J Crew Stretch summer weight bermuda. On Sale: $39.50

J Crew Tissue Ruffle V-neck; $32.50

J Crew Tissue Ruffle V-neck; $32.50

Shorts: I like the Bermuda, longer style.  J.Crew has a stretch bermuda and I always buy a couple each summer (and they always have some fun tees that you could look through as well).  If you want another splurge item, buy a pair from Tory Burch or your favorite higher-end designer.  I know: they are shorts, but the pricier ones will look better and will see you through a few casual cocktail parties as well as moments of just needing to look pretty darn cute this summer.  A nice short can pull you through many functions in this modern world and need not be constrained to the poolside.

J-41. Styles range from $89-$99. available from or J-41 website.

Finally,look on the j-41 website for the cutest casual shoes in the history of America.  I have several pairs and continually receive compliments.  Not only are they happening with style, but they are made from 100% recycled and recyclable packing.  I love the soles since they are also from partially recyclable rubber with a cool road map on the inside soles.

Donald J Pliner Glair Sandal.  On Sale Zappos.  $175-$193

Donald J Pliner Glair Sandal. On Sale Zappos. $175-$193

My partner for this site would kill me if I didn’t put down her favorite all around, go with everything, yet pricey shoe for summer: The Donald Pliner flat Glair Sandal.  And, it really does carry you from day to evening, casual to dressier.  And, it is comfortable enough to make you doubt your Reefs or Rainbows.  The metallic color goes with everything.  They are last years model, so they are on sale at Zappos for $193.  Other colors are as low as $175.

Now you are outfitted and good to go for Summer.  Don’t forget your sunscreen.  Hmmmm, you still need that coverup though…..more later in another post!

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