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There’s no shortage of ways to spend a night out in Nashville, but it seems we frequently default to happy hour at the same spots over and over again (which is crazy since there are quite a few of those to choose from). Lately, we’ve been inspired to change it up — choosing an activity instead of cocktails for a meetup. That way, on top of spending some quality time together, we’re also experiencing the many attractions that Nashville has to offer. So, whether you’re new to Music City and looking for new ways to meet up with that friend of a friend of a friend, or you’re looking for a new way to spend date night, here are eight unique ways to ditch the happy hour and still enjoy a Nashville outing.

Axe Throwing

It’s one of the hottest activities out there right now! And if you’d told us that just three years ago, we never would have believed you. Axe throwing is making its mark on Nashville and beyond, and now, there are plenty of places to try your hand at the sport. Visit Downtown Sporting Club for a lively Broadway experience, or head to Throw Nashville in East for some friendly competition.

Outdoor Voices events

Outdoor Voices opened its doors on 12South just one year ago, and ever since, they’ve done an impressive job of immersing themselves in the Nashville community — providing free opportunities for its residents and visitors to get out and start #DoingThings. Almost every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, you can find Outdoor Voices teaming up with a local fitness or wellness business in town. From barre3 classes to Core Power Yoga flow to bootcamp endorphin boosts, these activities are a fun way to sweat and move together with friends old and new. Find Outdoor Voices events listed here.

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Outdoor Voices‘s Endorphin Happy Hour starts with 30 minutes of exercise and ends with a cocktail. Life is best balanced! Image: @ovnashville

Bucca Reflexology and Foot Spa

Looking to wind down with an old friend or significant other? We recently heard of a date night out that, while it doesn’t allow for much conversation, does allow for a little relaxation. Bucca Reflexology and Foot Spa is one of Nashville’s best-kept secrets. The unassuming building on Harding is dark and quiet and offers a range of affordable reflexology and massages. For $60, enjoy 60 minutes of decompressing alongside someone who also needs some peace and quiet. They are open until 9 p.m. on weeknights, so you can easily catch up over a drink beforehand, and then treat yourselves to the relaxation you need!

Climb Nashville

For an adventurous and active meeting, try Climb Nashville. With two locations, one in East and one in West, it’s convenient no matter where you’re headed to or from. No climbing experience is necessary for this unique happy hour experience — just show up and they’ll show you the ropes (pun definitely intended). There are over more than 16,000 square feet of boulder, lead, top rope and kids climbing areas with more than 25 auto belays and a staff of experts fully prepared to show you how everything works.

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Climbing is most fun with a friend! Image: Climb Nashville


For some friendly competition, visit Topgolf for your next post-work meetup. The unique venue offers the chance to enjoy time outside while staying shielded from any unsavory weather. Order a snack or a drink, and work on your long game whether a novice or an expert. The atmosphere lends itself well to both conversation and activity, so it’s ideal for meeting someone for the first time.

Liquor Lab

If you’re hoping to sip on something but still looking for a more experiential option, take a class at Liquor Lab. New to Nashville, Liquor Lab offers cocktail mixing classes, complete with food and, of course, cocktails. The classes range from an hour and a half to two hours, and guests learn the ins and outs of cocktail mixing — a cooking class for cocktails, if you will. The classes are led by professional mixologists who are category experts, and each class is accompanied by delicious local bites. We recommend the margaritas and tacos class!

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Sip and learn something new at one of Liquor Labs unique cocktail classes. Image: Liquor Lab

Nashville Parks

Nashville boasts a variety of beautiful, serene parks for exploring. Grab a pal and head to your personal favorite, or the one you’ve been meaning to see but haven’t yet made it to, for a walk around the park. These are the outings we save for our chattiest friends, as it’s guaranteed you’ll have plenty of uninterrupted quiet time to catch up. If it’s something a little less active you’re looking for, grab a blanket and pick up a few bites from Tinwings and enjoy the sunset.

Frist Art Museum

On Thursday and Friday evenings, enjoy a night out at Frist Art Museum. Their hours extend until 9 p.m., offering guests the chance to pop in and discuss the thought-provoking and inspiring exhibits. Their cafe stays open too, offering snacks and sandwiches, as well as beer and wine by the glass. On display until January of 2020, the “Murals of North Nashville Now” exhibit highlights the magnificent street art in Nashville, specifically in North Nashville. The project shines a light on the expression of neighborhood identities, as these artists have strong ties to their communities, and of personal identities, as the artists put themselves and their talents on display. If you haven’t yet, stop in to see the moving display.

Spend your next night out exploring all that the Frist Art Museum has to offer!


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