I first went into Digs this past November and was plunged into immediate awe.  I knew I had to grab Elizabeth and go back to feature this store on StyleBlueprint.  It’s the type of store that you want to package up and somehow transfer, in its entirety, to your own home as it is at once elegant, comfortable, unique and beautiful.  It’s filled with lighting treasures (they actually have Neirmann Weeks Lighting hanging within), beautiful rugs, furniture, pottery so beautiful I may have actually gasped, and an assortment of tea towels, candles and little fun things.

A beautiful Chandelier…one to plan an entire room around.

Located on my favorite shopping street in all of Nashville, Bandywood, Digs is housed in a building that seems to have been under construction for years. Formerly housing Trumps and Baylor Bone, this improved building is far more approachable and will hopefully prove worth the grand effort.  It’s located right next to the Crowe’s Nest at 2225 Bandywood Drive, Nashville,  37215.  Check out these pictures of what Digs was like pre-Becky and Meg, the owners, and where it is now.

The beginnings of a wonderful spot to have a first-rate home interiors store?

The Digs spot before Becky and Meg put their creative minds to work.

WOW: what a transformation. Imagine what this team could do to your home!

While Digs may have just opened at this location, the owners and designing duo of Becky Webb and Meg Turner have been designing together for 14 years.  They had a showroom on HWY 100 for about five years and then ran Digs out of Meg’s garage for the past year and a half, when it was meant to only be a couple months port of call.  But as Becky says, this retail front hiatus let them fully think through the new store — and that thoughtfulness is immediately apparent.  Digs has done an excellent job filling their store with products not available anywhere else in town, and in most circumstances not any other place else in TN.  It’s no wonder that they will be a newly featured shop on Taigan. This is the type of store that Taigan was created to feature (see our interview with Julia Reed, creative director of Taigan, on tomorrow).  Digs is now on my short list for anyone visiting Nashville.  And if you live here, you must stop by.

Becky and Meg Turner in the new location of Digs.

Through 2 -3 trips to France each year, Becky and Meg are able to find unique treasures for their clients and the retail store.  My favorite current pieces include a set of three silk presses, which include both the top and the bottom of the press, and framed for display.  Sold as a set, these silk presses from Leon are sure to appreciate in value as their dealers in France have not been able to come up with a complete press set since selling Digs these three.

Many of the lamps are made from pieces they find in France:

In addition to the silk presses, framed and hanging on the back wall, check out the mirrors. They are all either antiques or custom made, designed by the DIGS team. There is one sneaking into the bottom right of the picture as one as one above it in a gold frame.

The French market basket in the background was transformed into a statement making lamp. The glass in the foreground is made by a Mexican company, Rose Ann Hall Designs,  which employees 100% disabled workers and provides several different types of glassware at Digs as well as their Cathedral candles (some are so big I think they could burn 1000 hours.)

Antique screen hanging on wall with floral sculptures by Jimy Nichols….and more fabulous lamps.

While so much is simply drool worthy at this store, I’ve saved my personal favorites for last: the pottery.  Regular readers know that I am simply a nut for pottery.  I would have 20 sets of dishes if I could.  Digs is in no way helping my insatiable desire in this department.  Check these out:

3E Pottery vases and tray.  The crosses, which you can see resting on the table and in the tray, are quite reasonable at $22, 24 and $32 each.   Check out the wrought iron custom-made, and designed by Digs, lamp in the background.

essed into the piece to create the wonderful design. Available in a variety of colors which all have t

A complete set of this pottery is what I wish I had registered for when I got married. From NY potter Terra Firma, these dishes and serving pieces are all designed by artist Ellen Evans.  Her technique involves pressing lace or fabric into each piece to create the wonderful designs. Available in a variety of colors which all have that “tea-stained’ look.  The four plates in the bottom left hand corner are priced large to small: $54, $48, $36 and $26.

StyleBlueprint featured these bowls in our Mother In Law gift list this past December. Made by Maine artist Allison Evans (no relation that I know of to the above mentioned Ellen Evans), these bowls have an earthy and organic essence to which I am absolutely drawn.  Large bowl featured in the center of the picture is $85.  Smaller bowls are available as well.

Sally Legg is the artist behind these amazing bowls. While a stand out piece on it’s own, check out the picture below with an orchid added to it.

Does it get any better than this?

Make you way into Digs and Kathleen and Caroline, the two gals who run the store, will surely make you feel at home and help you with your needs. Becky, Meg and Caroline are all available to help you with your designing needs as well.

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