This is a quick little post about when I sat down with Sally Truitt, a local designer, whose taste I admire. I asked Sally to pick a few things to liven up our homes ushering in warm breezes and leaving winter behind.  I love her ideas and here they are:

Sally's 10 year old daughter's room.  A great example of what a slip -cover can accomplish.

Sally’s 10 year old daughter’s room. A great example of what a slip-cover can accomplish.

Roll up your wool rugs and replace them with sisal or seagrass.

The rugs can be stored at most of the Oriental Rug Cleaners in town for a small fee.  This makes your rugs last longer and instantly lightens the feeling of any room.  I love this!

Have slipcovers made for your upholstered furniture.

Sally even slip-covered her daughters wooden sleigh bed.  This change instantly brightens a room and it elongates the life of your upholstered furniture.  Through Sally, she can have a slipcover made for your average upholstered chair for about $150 (labor).  Don’t just think white or horrible frilly floral.  Slipcovers can be made quite tailored and may even be mistaken for new upholstery at first look.

It’s not that much to simply paint a room.

Pick one and paint it.  You’d be amazed at how much it can change the feel of a home.

Seasonal flowers and branches.

Indoor life mimicking outdoor life just makes us all feel good.

Sally has great taste. She has a degree from Alabama in Interior Design and has worked very part time while raising her kids.  She is now quickly filling up with new clients who are raving.  I just toured a house she helped finish out and another that she “fluffed” for Spring.  She’s the real deal and also a steal at $70 an hour.  She can be reached at [email protected] (sorry you need to cut and paste this email as the email link is not working)

Do you need a Spring Fluffing? I need to go an implement some of these ideas….