Grandma, sister, cousin, coworker, neighbor and mailman. Thanks to our hostess gifts, gifts that give back and gifts under $50, we have made our lists and checked them twice and everyone is covered. Snow has yet to hit the ground, and our holiday shopping is finished and tied up neatly with a bow. Everyone is accounted for except for one person: ourselves. Whether you are lucky enough to only have baking cookies, sweeping under the couch and fluffing the pillows left on your to-do list or you still have 101 things to do before Santa hops on his sleigh and heads to town, you deserve a break and a wish list to call your own. Today, we’re giving you that break in the form of Luxe Loves. Take a moment to kick back and dream of owning one of these covetable items — without the guilt. Listed in no particular order, we bring you our special Holiday Edition Luxe Loves list!

Custom-made jewelry

With one-of-a-kind style and design, these pieces at Belle Meade Jewelry and Repair are truly something special. Delicate enough to wear everyday and sparkly enough for a special occasion, these earrings are just about as luxe as they come. See what catches your eye or work with Scott Isaacs, owner and third-generation jeweler, to create a piece of your own. Call for pricing information or head to Belle Meade Jewelry and Repair.

Loves we are lusting after!

Custom-made jewelry, call for pricing information at Belle Meade Jewelry and Repair


Within the four walls of Ceri Hoover’s flagship store in 12 South, we found dozens of luxurious items we quickly added to our wish list. In addition to her premium leather goods, we found ourselves drooling over her most recent clothing collaboration. Megan Huntz, an Atlanta designer, created pieces exclusively for Ceri Hoover. In addition to a lovely camel coat, a white blouse and silk dresses, you can find this navy dotted romper for $390 at Ceri Hoover.

Loves we are lusting after!

Navy dotted romper, $390, at Ceri Hoover

Diamond and sapphire bracelet

Cindi Earl’s selection of jewels is nothing short of breathtaking. When we pay her shop a visit, we become tempted to spend hours oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over the glamorous pieces. During our most recent visit, there was one piece in particular that had us swooning: this diamond and sapphire bracelet. Elegant, eye-catching, unique and just plain stunning, this bracelet is one we can’t stop thinking about. Head to Cindi Earl to see the bracelet for yourself, and for $36,000, you can take it home and call it your own!

Loves we are lusting after!

Diamond and sapphire bracelet, $36,000, at Cindi Earl

Hartmann luggage

Hartmann Luggage has gained esteem for their high-quality luggage crafted in traditional American style, making them worth the price. Speaking of price, at Bloomingdale’s, you will find Hartmann luggage for upwards of $500 with some pieces priced as high as $800. The good news? You don’t have to pay that much! At Designer Finds, you can find a piece of Hartmann Luggage for $175. Walk away with a luxe item for a fraction of the cost!

Loves we are lusting after!

Hartmann bag, $175, at Designer Finds

Germantown painting

We immediately fell in love with “2 Sweet,” a Jared Small painting of a Germantown home. Small’s style, as shown in this work, focuses on the juxtaposition between an acutely accurate depiction of the house and the abstraction of its surroundings. Small’s work evokes a mood that reflects the mystery of the structure itself. Pick up “2 Sweet” (40-by-30-inch, oil on canvas) from David Lusk Gallery for $5,500. SB TIP: You can see “2 Sweet” and others like it in Small’s “Slight” exhibition at David Lusk Gallery through December 23.

Loves we are lusting after!

“2 Sweet” (40-by-30-inch, oil on canvas), $5,500, at David Lusk Gallery

Fine holiday china

You’ve always wanted special holiday china, and The Registry has multiple choices to start your collection this season for yourself or someone you love! We love the modern and rustic “Natale” with Christmas tree design (salad plate, $47; soup bowl, $56) paired with “Tuscan” pewter-trimmed chargers ($60) and dinner plates ($62) both by Arte Italica. The Sabre natural wood handle flatware ($110 for 5-piece place setting) is a great accompaniment too. Finish off the aesthetic with a gorgeous Bodrum Rivera kiwi napkin (22-inch, $18) and Vagabond napkin ring ($76 for set of four). Find it all at The Registry!

Loves we are lusting after!

Assorted holiday tableware from The Registry. All pieces are sold separately with prices ranging from $18-$76.

A romantic getaway

This holiday season, give the gift of peace, quiet and time alone. Evins Mill, a boutique resort in Smithville, TN, just 65 miles east of Nashville, offers all that and more for couples and families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle. Guest rooms offer the privacy of a cabin-like experience, with private entrances and spacious decks overlooking the creek, while remaining close to the central structure, where you can enjoy a superior culinary experience. Rooms start at $300 per night. You can visit the Evins Mill website for more booking information. SB TIP: StyleBlueprint is currently running an SB Deal with Evins Mill! Enjoy a one-night stay in an Evergreen Room for $99. See the SB Deal page for details.

A romantic getaway to Evins Mill would make for the perfect Christmas gift!

A night at Evins Mill, rooms starting at $300

Winter tote

Boost your style game as you’re out shopping this season. These bags can be used with open sides (as shown in the center and right purses) when you’re toting a laptop and work papers or with the sides tucked in (see left) for the covert occasions of bringing gifts into the house. Either way, this bag will turn heads! You can pick up the Annabel Ingall Isabella tote from The Perfect Pair for $452.

A gorgeous tote from The Perfect Pair

Annabel Ingall Isabella tote, $452, at The Perfect Pair

Iron Tribe membership

A gift that keeps on giving is one that we find ourselves looking for more and more. Personal health certainly falls into this category, and if you or a loved one are revamping your wellness goals for 2017, this is the gift for you! Iron Tribe is so much more than a gym membership as the personal coaching and encouraging environment really do feel more like a family of fit people. While certainly a commitment, we’ve found that the physical gains are far greater than the momentary workout pains! For locations nearest you and pricing options, contact an Iron Tribe coach.

An Iron Tribe membership is the gift that keeps on giving!

Iron Tribe membership, pricing options available upon request


Ironware’s six branched candelabra will perfectly match any holiday décor and continue to brighten your home year-round. The candelabra, hand finished in gold leaf, makes a statement on its own but looks even better in a pair. Either way, you are sure to love this exquisite piece. To order the candelabra ($990), click here.

Loves we are lusting after!

Candelabra, $990, at Ironware

Ladies’ boots

It should come as no surprise that an item from Lucchese made our list! For men and women alike, Lucchese is a destination for luxury footwear, which ranges from suede flats to leather boots. This season, we are loving the Carly in chocolate suede. The short style and feather and fringe charm makes this a playful boot. Find this boot for $695 at Lucchese, in the Gulch.

Loves we are lusting after!

Carly boot, $695, at Lucchese

Love in Black 

Creed scents remain some of our favorites due to their subtlety, and the Paris-based perfume company creates bottles as lovely as their perfumes, making them a great gift. “Love in Black” is a floral fragrance with notes of violet, cedar, iris and black currant. Find this Creed scent (among others) for $495 per bottle at Private Edition.

Loves we are lusting after!

Creed “Love in Black,” $495, at Private Edition

Peter Millar bags

Why shouldn’t your bag look just as great as your suit? Peter Millar offers two great bags for the guy (or gal) on the go — the Wembley One Suiter, for $398, and the Mayfair Duffle, for $448. Both are crafted from Italian wool with English bridal leather details — durable and great looking — and can be found at The Oxford Shop.

Loves we are lusting after!

Wembly One Suiter, $398, and Mayfair Duffle, $448, at The Oxford Shop

Hermes scarf 

There is nothing more elegant than a silk Hermes scarf — especially when paired with a brooch. This is something we learned from our grandmother, and although Hermes is not always in the budget for us, it is something we attempt to pull off. Thanks to The Private Label’s selection of Hermes scarves at a more affordable price point, we can get one step closer to being as elegant as our grandmother. Find this scarf at The Private Label for $285.

Loves we are lusting after!

Hermes scarf, $285, at The Private Label

Papier maché fish pot

Do we typically spend $475 on a pot? Well, no. But that is because we have never found one as lovely as this. The antique papier machéd French pot features gold fish, and the end result is stunning. We find this to be such an interesting and unique home décor item worthy of the price. Find this, and many other luxe loves, at Harpeth Gallery for $475.

Loves we are lusting after!

Papier maché fish pot, $475, at Harpeth Gallery

Safari chairs

These green leather chairs with rosewood frames are the work of Swedish designer Arne Norell. His use of leather and wood was unexpected at the time (he opened a furniture workshop in 1958), and his pieces remain popular today. Eneby Home is to thank for bringing these chairs to Nashville and onto our radar. Santa, if you are reading this, the chairs would look great in our living room. Find these for $4,900 at Eneby Home.

Loves we are lusting after

Arne Norell safari chairs, $4,900 for the pair, at Eneby Home

Riding boots

Riding boots in and of themselves are luxurious items. Wearing a pair allows us to believe we can close the computer and spend a few hours riding Charlie Rock before discussing the equestrian life with Granny. Yes, we know that all equestrian wear doesn’t guarantee a day at the barn, but a girl can dream, which is exactly what we intend to do as we pull on these boots. These are available in brown Italian calfskin at Johnston & Murphy for $348.

Loves we are lusting after!

Riding boot, $348, at Johnston & Murphy

Decorative box 

This hand-crafted decorative box caught our eye at Lumen Lamps. The blue and white geometric pattern is created with bone and horn tiles, creating a wonderful texture. It is perfect for stowing trinkets away or can be used as a home for something special. No matter what it holds, it is sure to catch the attention of everyone who sees it. Find it at LUMEN Lamps for $145.

Loves we are lusting after!

Decorative box, $145, at LUMEN Lamps

Gucci loafers 

Men wearing a size 10 shoe, today is your lucky day! This stunning pair of Gucci loafers, with bamboo bit, is available at Flip. The rich red coloring makes them perfect for the holidays, and the classic styling makes them timeless. If you are lucky enough to wear a size 10, head to Flip to purchase these for $348.

Loves we are lusting after!

Gucci loafers, $348, at Flip

Goddess collar trio

Not all luxury items have to sparkle and shine. A well-made piece with a minimalist design can be just as special. Seraphine Design reminds us of this with the Goddess Collar Trio. The collar necklaces are available in sets of three brass, three silver or three gold. They are not connected, which means you can mix and match or gift two to friends and keep one for yourself (we recommend the former). The trio is available at Seraphine Design for $120.

Loves we are lusting after!

Goddess collar trio, $120, at Seraphine Design

A gift set for men

Each year, the men in our lives prove more difficult to shop for than the year before. We are always left pondering what to gift them. This year, Merridian lent a hand by encouraging us to give the necessities (soap, beard balm and oil, and aftershave balm), all tucked inside something fun: an iron box. The Duke Cannon products range in price from $11-$35 and the iron box is available in assorted colors for $70 at Merridian Home Furnishings.

Loves we are lusting after!

Duke Cannon products, $11-$35, and iron box, $70, at Merridian Home Furnishings

Ceramic lamp

Heather Levine, a Los Angeles-based artist, crafts ceramic pieces, including wall-hangings, pendant lighting and table lamps such as this one. You truly cannot appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the piece until you see it in person. The hand-formed ceramic sphere sits atop a stacked wooden base that is approximately 12-by-8-inches wide. Two of these lamps are currently available at Welcome Home for $675 each.

Loves we are lusting after!

Heather Levine ceramic lamp, $675, at Welcome Home

Antique necklace

Crafted with a 1930s brooch and a 1960s necklace, this necklace at Gus Mayer makes a statement and tells a story. MADE in the Deep South is a jewelry line with vintage and antique pieces as the foundation of everything they create. Each vintage and antique piece is deconstructed and mixed with other pieces and materials to create a new one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Each MADE piece comes with a story card that tells the history of the pieces. Find this necklace for $268 at Gus Mayer.

Loves we are lusting after!

MADE in the Deep South necklace, $268, at Gus Mayer

The Taylor pant

Cavanagh Baker’s Taylor pant flatters any shape by elongating the leg. The wide cut of the legs and the higher waistband add vertical inches to everyone and make the pants noticeably elegant. These wool trousers are the staple you didn’t know your closet was missing! Designed by local designer Cavanagh Baker and made in NYC, these are luxurious in every way. Head to Cavanagh’s Cummins Station studio and find these in camel and black for $550.

Loves we are lusting after!

Taylor pant, $550, at Cavanagh Baker

Turquoise and diamond earrings

Turquoise and diamond go together like peanut butter and jelly, caviar and champagne, horse and carriage. This is a pairing we didn’t know we would love so much. These earrings are both playful and elegant, and the earthy colors of the turquoise stones are complemented by the gold and enhanced by the gleam of the diamonds. Find these — and wear them to make a statement — for $21,258 at Jamie.

Loves we are lusting after!

Turquoise and diamond earrings, $21,258, at Jamie


Update your vaulted entry hall just in time for the big Christmas party! This gilded sand-cast bronze and crystal chandelier (approximately 42 inches long and 28 inches in diameter) adds sparkle and shine to any room, regardless of the season. The Regency style, complete with 10 candles, will make it the centerpiece of any space and a talked about item long after the party ends. Pick it up at R. Higgins Interiors for $3,275.

A gorgeous crystal chandelier would be the talk of any space.

Gilded crystal chandelier, $3,275, at R. Higgins Interiors

Signet ring

Signet rings have a long history and once played a role in society and culture as they often held family crests. Today, signet rings are simply a fashion accessory. Although still often seen with family crests, signet rings of today typically include a monogram. Ex Voto’s Patrick signet ring, cast in 14K gold from an original antique ring from the Middle East, is available with custom engraving. A hand-engraved monogram or date will make this a modern heirloom. Find the ring at  Ex Voto Vintage for $775. Add a single letter monogram for $40; add a triple letter monogram for $65.

Loves we are lusting after

Signet ring, $775, at Ex Voto Vintage. Add a single letter monogram for $40; add a triple letter monogram for $65.

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