Did you know good design can improve your life? Thoughtful, high-quality custom design elements can result in more than an aesthetically pleasing space – it can ease the minor frustrations we all face day to day. In its building and renovation projects, Grove Park Construction is known for studying the needs and lifestyles of its homeowners to proactively address design issues that can make life easier and better on a daily basis.

For some families, this might mean built-in recycling containers in the kitchen. For others, it might be a hideaway pet feeding station. For your family, it might be an integrated child gate, infrared heating built into your outdoor space or something entirely different. Here, we take a look at a few of the ingenious custom solutions Grove Park Construction’s team has developed to meet their clients’ varied and individual needs. Prepare to be envious …

Built-In Child or Pet Gate

For a client with young children, or even plans for future young children, a built-in child gate at the base and/or top of a staircase is a huge help – and something that isn’t hard to achieve when it’s planned for during the building or renovation process. The gate pictured here uses pocket door hardware and library rollers designed for a library ladder. Not only is it perfect for protecting toddlers from the dangers of the staircase, but it works equally well for pets. “It takes just a little prior planning and it’s not a big budget item, but it’s incredibly helpful for the family,” says Brandon Jenkins, owner of Grove Park Construction. An added bonus? It saves you the time, frustration and screw holes in the trim that come from installing a baby gate on your own.

Custom Design Elements

A pocket door-style baby/pet gate is easy to incorporate when planned for. And since it fits in with the overall interior design, it’s aesthetically pleasing as well.

Built-In Recycling Cabinetry

As recycling gains importance among eco-minded homeowners, a handy, yet out-of-sight spot to stash plastics, glass and more is a mighty convenience, not to mention a time-saver. “How often do we find that the kitchen backs up to the garage?” Jenkins asks. “Why not take advantage of that layout feature and allow for easy recycling through cabinetry design?”

Shoe & Bag Gallery

We all know beautiful footwear is a work of art, so why not show it off? For a homeowner with an impressive bag collection, Grove Park’s team created this custom closet fixture, complete with accent lighting. “Whether a treasured possession is stored in your office or your closet, for it to have a special place keeps the happiness of owning it ongoing,” Brandon says. “Guys have velvet-lined drawers for watches. Why can’t ladies have a glass cabinet for purses?” Why not, indeed!

Custom Design Elements

Showcase your favorite accessories in a bag gallery within your closet space. This one was custom-designed by Grove Park Construction.

Pop-Up Kitchen TV

Almost every family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. But not every family can enjoy their favorite morning shows while packing lunches and spreading cream cheese on a bagel. It’s a luxury for sure, but one that makes life simpler for families on the go. An added bonus? You can call up a YouTube recipe demo while chopping veggies or standing at the stove.

Custom Design Elements

We love the convenience and thoughtful design of this pop-up TV feature in the kitchen.

Built-in Kennel

In many homes, there’s a bit of wasted space beneath the staircase. When a client has the need, Grove Park Construction can put that space to functional use as a comfy spot where pets can hang out indoors while their owners are out. “If you need to kennel your pet for an hour or two during the workday, or during a storm, or whatever your pet life is like, we’ll build that in,” Brandon says. “Once again it’s all about prior planning for a family’s needs – just thinking ahead.”

Hideaway Pet Bowls

Pets are an important part of our households, but a luxury home rarely looks its best with pet dishes out for all to see. A hideaway pet feeding station concealed in the toe kick of the kitchen cabinetry blends both function and style. “We’re always concerned about resale,” Brandon says. “Quite often when we talk about resale and showing a home to a client, we share with them that not only is it important for the house not to smell like a pet lives there, but it’s important that the house not appear like it, that you don’t leave those subtle clues. This is a way that pet dishes can be concealed at a moment’s notice.” Plus, pets can even learn to open them on their own.

Custom Design Elements

No one will even know you have a pet with a hideaway pet feeding station!

Pervious Driveway

If you’re a Nashville resident, you know that Metro Nashville’s Code Enforcement department is strict when it comes to stormwater preservation – the water that falls on your lot must be addressed by your lot. That’s where a pervious driveway comes in. “Interlocking concrete pavers on a driveway is one way to mitigate stormwater on our lots,” Brandon says. In this example, the driveway continues to a covered portico that can serve as extra patio space in warm months or as extra covered parking when the need arises. And Brandon touts an extra benefit: “That concrete paver flooring gives you a homey feel,” he says. “It doesn’t feel like a carport.”

Custom Design Elements

We love how this carport doubles as a cozy outdoor living space.

Electric Car Charging Station

In the past, Grove Park Construction has made a point to run dedicated circuits in the garage for chest freezers and second refrigerators. But now, they’re seeing more requests for electrical hookups for electric cars. “We certainly are ready and conducive to putting those in,” says Brandon. “It’s an easy jump.”

To learn more about Grove Park Construction and how they can create custom design features for your home, visit them online at groveparkconstruction.com.

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