Real estate experts say curb appeal can be all the difference in making or breaking a deal. When the exterior of your home and lawn makes a great first impression, everyone wants to come inside, including potential buyers. But whether selling or staying, everyone wants a home that looks great from the curb—it is your castle to enjoy and be proud of, and as a reflection of your personal tastes and values, it’s important to make that first impression count!

While some exterior projects like exterior facelifts (new paint, siding and trim), driveway refurbishment and landscape overhauls are more involved and would likely require hired help, there are many simple things you can do yourself to freshen your exterior in a just a day or a weekend. Here are some of our favorite (and easy!) curbside ideas.

5 ideas for curb appeal

Front Door Glam

As the focal point of your home’s curb appeal, your front entry is also your home’s ambassador. Adding pizzaz to your entry is an easy way to up your curb appeal and create a welcoming vibe. Replacing an old door can make a huge difference, but to save a considerable amount of money, paint your door a pretty hue that coordinates with your home’s color theme—for the best effect, make sure the door contrasts with the color of your home’s facade. Be sure to clean any dirty spots and polish the hardware. Dave White, client account manager for The Wills Company, a home remodeling and handyman firm in Nashville, suggests adding architectural molding to the top and sides of a plain door. “It will give your entry a grand feel,” he adds.

Other ways to beautify your entry are adding attractive house numbers or hanging a wreath that reflects your personal style. Make sure the area around your door is well lit—good lighting is important for safety at night and it will also enhance the appeal. Don’t forget to add a pop of color with a potted plant or two!

Mailbox Makeover

The humble mailbox contributes to that important first impression and a shabby, scuffed box can really detract from the overall curb appeal. Make sure your box extends a welcoming invitation by clearing weeds and replacing an old box with one that compliments your home’s exterior, or give your old box and post a fresh coat of paint. Consider surrounding your mailbox with ornamental grasses or even a beautiful flowering garden.

Eyesore Camouflage

“Leave it to that big electrical box, HVAC unit, and even trash cans to ruin the aesthetics of your home, especially if they can be seen from the curb,” says White. He suggests painting items like electrical boxes, wires and piping the same color as your house to make them less noticeable.
A great way to beautify the area around your HVAC equipment is to use natural plants. Look for evergreen types that will hide your unit all year. Other good camouflage tricks for HVAC units and trash cans include garden trellis or solid fencing.

Front Yard Flower Power

Dress up your front yard with lush, colorful flower gardens. The front corners of your yard, along walkways or driveways, and directly in front of the house are the best spots for enhancing curb appeal. Make your bed extra appealing by incorporating fragrant flowers, such as sweet pea, lilac, jasmine, and even herbs. When creating a new bed, be sure to select features that will frame your home rather than obscure it. And here’s a bonus: a front yard flower garden can make your landscape easier to care for because there’s less mowing and edging to worry about!

Window Box Charm

What can be more charming than window boxes? “Window boxes are beautiful gardens in miniature,” says White, “and are a fast and easy way to give your home tremendous curb appeal, with little effort.” Use painted wood boxes for a cottage look, or for a more traditional, stately feel, go with copper or iron.

Thanks to the Wills Handyman for today’s curb appeal ideas!

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