Nashville scored in late 2009 when the owners of North Carolina-based Crumb de la Crumb bakery decided to move their family to Music City, simultaneously making their bakery a multi-state venture.  You may recently have heard about Crumb de la Crumb as they were just featured on The Food Network Challenge.

Beautiful Wedding Cake – even the people, dog and cat are made from cake!!

An instant hit with Music Row insiders, party planners and wedding consultants throughout Nashville, Crumb de la Crumb has just released their newest product: the Crumbteenie!  So, what is a Crumbteenie?  Well, it’s NOT a cupcake! It is “…an individual serving of what has come to be known as quite possibly the most decadent cake on the planet.”

Crumbteenies will make you smile wide!

Crumb de la Crumb cakes stand out as they are infused with natural flavors.  If you have a flavor you want, chances are that owner Lorie Burcham can create it.  Best sellers include: Vanilla infused with Key Lime, Vanilla infused with Godiva White Chocolate, Chocolate infused with Raspberry, and Chocolate infused with Godiva Dark Chocolate.  I’ve tried these cakes.  They are amazing.

Each Crumbteenie is cut from a full size sheet cake that has been infused with your choice of flavors.  Thus, each portion is dense, moist, and decadent, and topped with homemade buttercream icing.  Each Crumbteenie is individually wrapped with decorative paper. The Crumbteenie tagline is “treat you. wow them.”  We agree.

Lorie, the owner of Crumb de la Crumb, is a joy to work with whether ordering Crumbteenies, wedding cakes or birthday cakes.  In fact, you should take a minute to look at the bakery’s website for just how creative her cakes can be:


To help convince you, here is a sneak peak at some of the “talent” behind these cakes and the newly released Crumbteenie!  Also – I love that their fondant is a marshmallow fondant – made with just marshmallows and powdered sugar!

Lady Antebellum with their Crumb de la Crumb cake, American Honey!  That’s owner Lorie Burcham in the background!

Taylor Swift with her snowman cake made for her 20th birthday.

Submarine cake anyone?

They absolutely do kids’ cakes!

One amazing 13 year old birthday cake.

This cake makes me want to change the theme of my son’s upcoming b-day party!

Look at the detail on this wedding cake.

Isn’t this just summer, love and wedding all wrapped up in a cake? I love it!