We have established that May is a CRAZY time of year. And serving up a healthy dinner on those nights when you just can’t cook is a colossal challenge. Until our wished-for fairy godmother arrives to make meals magically appear during this sprint to summer, here’s how we’re dishing up dinner and saving our sanity!

Taziki’s Family Meals

Who doesn’t love Taziki’s family meals? Grilled chicken breast, basmati rice, Greek salad and pita bread is our choice, but whole roasted lemon herb chicken, pork tenderloin, grilled shrimp or leg of lamb are tasty options, too. Substitute roasted new potatoes for the rice or add on some grilled veggies to change things up. (We often ask for soft pita bread to make a wrap with the chicken and veggies, too.) No matter what you decide, this pick up meal is sure to leave you with happy campers. Call at least two hours in advance to place your order. Check out tazikiscafe.com for area locations. Taziki family meals range in price from $24.99 – $28.99. And P.S., if you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, their chocolate cake is divine!!


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Look at how much food we came home with for a mere $28! This fed two adults and two children, with lots of salad and rice left over for lunch the next day.


Whole Foods Cold Case Meal with Family Salad

Arguably the best deal in town, these cold case family meals are available daily, prepared by an in-house chef and include a huge family salad with choice of ranch or balsamic dressing. Options change weekly, but expect to find at least three options each day. My family recently had the Turkey Burritos plus a huge salad, and the week before we had the Italian Sausage Pasta meal–both were delicious! Turkey meatloaf, grilled chicken breasts and some form of pasta are frequently in the rotation so you’re sure to find something that suits your family. $14.99 or $17.99. www.wholefoods.com

Fresh and healthy at Whole Foods.

Fresh and healthy at Whole Foods.



This Turkey Burrito with Chipotle Sauce meal, including the salad (I added the almonds), was only $14.99 at Whole Foods.

Ninki Chicken Fried Rice

Another great deal is the Chicken Fried Rice at Ninki in Belle Meade Plaza. At $5.95 each, we find ordering 3 servings feeds 4-5 people, which is under $20. And, it’s a crowd pleaser. If you want it to go further, add your own rice and the meat from a rotisserie chicken (or some veggies … really, just about anything) and you can make this meal double in size to give plenty of leftovers for lunches the next day.

However, simply mixing in some freshly chopped cilantro and green onions, as seen in the photo below, is the perfect way to make this dish “pop!” http://nashvilleninki.com/Ninki.html


Ninki Chicken Fried Rice

We know you’re busy. We want to scream, too. May … it’s just hard.

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