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Whites and neutrals have dictated kitchen design for some time — it is an easy choice resulting in a clean look and a contemporary, yet timeless, feel. And while we have a spot in our hearts for these versatile, bright and picture-perfect kitchens, we’d like to make a case for bringing color into what is undeniably the hub of most homes. Bold colors bring spice into any space, but many prefer to tiptoe out of their all-white world into one of greys, blues and warm natural elements. With the help of Ridley Wills of The Wills Co., Beth Haley of Beth Haley Design and Karrie Seaton of J&K Design Studio, we explore the rising trend of colorful kitchens and show you why color belongs. See eight fabulous and colorful kitchens below, and see how each designer incorporated various types of color.

8 Colorful Kitchens to Inspire Your Interiors

Rich, wood tones 

An otherwise neutral space, this kitchen boasts a sense of warmth thanks to the beams and flooring. “The French oak, parquet flooring and hand-hewn oak beams are the main color in this room,” Ridley Wills of The Wills Co. explains. “The brown of the beams and floor add character and warmth to this space, which, in essence, makes it a home.” The beams also help frame the relatively large kitchen and create a continuous design into the adjoining living area. “The open kitchen space was designed for family dining, relaxing and entertaining in the heart of this beautiful home,” Ridley adds. He worked with interior designer Carolyn Kendall of Alcott Interiors on this project.

While the beams and flooring are the most defining aspects of the space, in terms of color, we’d be remiss to overlook the custom sink and unlacquered brass range hood and marble slab backsplash. These design details give added texture to the space, and they are focal points in the room. The look comes together, and the end result is an elegant, French country design.

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Color is more than paint. In this kitchen, color comes in the form of wooden beams and oak parquet flooring. Image: Quinn Ballard

Bold colors and architectural features

“We love to use dramatic color in small doses, but the use of color depends on the space, the homeowners and the desired feeling of the kitchen,” Beth Haley of Beth Haley Design tells us. “The color can be used boldly on a strong architectural feature (like it is here) or more subtly and simply on a colorful backsplash. Use colors you have always loved, but use them sparingly so they don’t overpower the space. Choose either calming and soothing colors for a relaxing kitchen, or bold colors to stimulate conversation and activity. When using more than one color, never allow bold colors to touch, and don’t forget to include a neutral space for your eye to land.”

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Bright and colorful, this is a kitchen we love. Image: Andrea Behrends Photography

Black and brass 

“One might think of this room as a white kitchen, but the cabinets are all black,” Ridley Wills says. “Black, too, is a color. The brass highlights are also a color added here.” The black and brass make a daring statement that pairs perfectly with crisp whites. “The brass pops atop the shiny black background of the cabinets and range and shines in the pendant light fixture against the all-white, vaulted ceiling,” Ridley explains.

In a smaller space, color can be overwhelming. “This is a quite small kitchen. By controlling the color palette with white, black and brass, it enabled this room to feel much larger than it really is,” Ridley continues. If you are looking to test the waters with bits of color, consider a color scheme of white, black and brass — we’d dare to bet that you won’t regret it!

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Yes, black is a color, too! Image: Alyssa Rosenheck

Bold and bright

“The kitchen is a high-energy space and can absorb the power of color. Also, color sets the mood for the space as unexpected, daring and bold colors can make a kitchen more artful and casual, while deep, rich tones tend to make the space feel more serious and sophisticated,” Beth Haley shares. This kitchen is the heart of the home. It celebrates the homeowner’s love of cooking, as well as her Mexican heritage. Color abounds!

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Color comes in many forms in this Mexican-inspired home. Architect: Grove Park Construction | Image: Nicholas McGinn, McGinn Photography

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Painted cabinetry 

“A home is a reflection of the personalities that live within, and I love helping a client figure out how to translate personality into their interiors,” Karrie Seaton of J&K Design Studio tells us. In this kitchen, the playful personality of the client is reflected in the painted cabinetry and patterned backsplash — both of which bring color into the space. By using a muted tone, Karrie was able to bring color into the kitchen in an approachable way.

Colorful kitchens by local designers

This kitchen approaches color in a way we can appreciate. Image: Andrea Behrends Photography

Art and fabric

While painted cabinetry is one of the most popular ways to incorporate color into a kitchen, it is not the only way. “In this space, we allowed the art and the fabric on the furniture to bring in the color highlights,” Ridley Wills explains. “By having the kitchen be neutral, the impact is on the art and fabric. It allows these design touches to sparkle and show off our clients’ excellent sense of style!”

If you are currently living in an all-white kitchen, consider adding upholstered furniture, or swapping out the art, to enliven the space. You won’t have to commit to color on your cabinets or walls, meaning you can change your mind. The late Landy Gardner, interior designer for this project, helped artfully create a balance of color in the space.

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Think outside the box when bringing color into a space. Image: Lynsey Culwell of SqFt Photography

Color in a small space

Color can work in any space, big or small. “Always tackle color selections by keeping in mind the desired end result of the space,” Beth Haley advises. “Color can expand a small space or make a large kitchen cozier. Large kitchens give you the opportunity to be bold, while subtle and hidden effects work well in smaller kitchens, like this one.” When incorporating bold colors, greys and blues can soften the space and work as intentional background colors.

Colorful kitchens by local designers

This shot shows how to use color in a small space. Image: Nicholas McGinn, McGinn Photography

Dining nook

Pick and choose where you want to add color. “This dining nook is in, believe it or not, an all-white kitchen. The deep blue contrasts beautifully for displaying our client’s collection of blue and white porcelain,” Ridley Wills shares. “The blue color creates a defined space for the dining area and gives it a home. It also gives a pop to this otherwise, all-white kitchen.” Ridley was aware that such a rich color would overwhelm the entire kitchen, but it works perfectly in such a small space. Between his thoughtful eye and the help of interior designer Minnette Jackson of Minnette Jackson Interiors, the vision (and execution) of this space was flawless.

Colorful kitchens by local designers

Dedicate space to color, as to not overwhelm the entire room. Image: Lynsey Culwell of SqFt Photography

Are you ready to come home to a colorful kitchen? We are!


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