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Today, Betsy Wills of ArtStormer, joins us with some great suggestions for making original art an integral part of your home decor.


What’s old is new again.

In Medieval Europe, churches used stained glass windows as instructional cartoons to teach the largely illiterate faithful stories from the gospels. Think of it as liturgical SNAPCHAT. In some ways, we have essentially returned to those simpler times. Instagram is by far the most popular mode of communication that, more than ever, supports the idea that a picture IS worth a thousand words.

This is why I LOVE art.

I’ve been blogging for the past several years with a focus on emerging artists of all types of genres. You name it, I’ve seen it–from a Joel Brochu, who created a wonderful portrait from thousands of cupcake sprinkles, to the less sweet Wim Delvoye, whose tattoo work on the backs of live pigs created quite a squeal from PETA.

Today I present a sampling of works from some of the artists I have featured. Whatever your budget, I believe everyone can afford quality art if they know where to look. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces on sites such as, and for less than $200. For those with a bit more to spend (note: I am not using the word “invest” because that gets tricky), I also present some artists’ work priced up to $5000 for consideration.

(Exact pricing noted where available. For more information on particular works, click on the hyperlinked artists or galleries to visit their websites.)

Ali Cavanaugh

Ali Cavanaugh is fast rocketing to prominence in the art community. You can see her work in Nashville (my home base) at Tinney Gallery,  but galleries all over are besotted with her ethereal style. This piece puts me in mind of the iconic “Betty” by the less attainable Gerhard Richter.


Modern fresco
12” X 12”

Amy Kaufman

Amy Kaufman’s work is delightfully abstract and would lift the look of any room. I’m a huge fan of her supporting gallery, Traywick Contemporary in San Francisco.

“Butterfly” Conte crayon on paper, 2 panels 30”X44” $3800

Conte crayon on paper, 2 panels
30” X 44”

Susan Simons

Susan Simons, Tennessee artist and colorist extraordinaire, paints with a fresh point of view on the still life. Be sure to go see her show this August at Bryant Gallery in East Nashville.


Susan Simons: Large and small works available from $300 up.

Alex Roulette

Alex Roulette is getting a lot of attention these days. Recently graduated from Columbia Universities’ MFA program, his works are large in scale and detailed in execution….with a twist. On my wish list.

“Buffalo Water Park” Oil on panel 36”X36”

“Buffalo Water Park”
Oil on panel
36” X 36”


Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner, an find, puts a fine point on it with her “parametric drawings.” To many, they look like spirographs but I can assure you they are hardly child’s play. I’ve even bought some of her small works as special gifts for under $35!

“Still Life Flowers Blue Vase” ” Pen on paper 11”X14 $300.

“Still Life Flowers Blue Vase”
Pen on paper
11” X 14″

Hunter Armistead

Hunter Armistead is a fixture in the fine art photography scene. Tennis anyone?

“Ann” Photograph 24" X 36" $1000

24″ X 36″


Christopher Stott

Christopher Stott is a realist painter. Many of his pieces have a vintage feel to them.

“Going Places” Oil on canvas 20” X 40”

“Going Places”
Oil on canvas
20”  X 40”


Lane Bennion

Lane Bennion has spent the last several years chronicling department stores. I love his makeup counters for their unabashed reflection on consumer culture.

“Beauty Counter #5” Oil on canvas 32” X 36”

“Beauty Counter #5”
Oil on canvas
32” X 36”


Dean Mitchell

Dean Mitchell’s watercolors are classics. Saavy collectors might invest in this piece.

“James” Pencil and Acrylic Wash 9" x 12" $850

Pencil and Acrylic Wash
9″ x 12″

Regina Scully

Regina Scully’s work is mesmerizing and beautiful. She’s one of my recent art crushes.

“Passage 20” Acrylic on Paper 22” X 30” $1800

“Passage 20”
Acrylic on Paper
22” X 30”

Lauren Kussro

Lauren Kussro caught my eye during a Downtown Art Crawl where she was showing at Twist Gallery in the Arcade in Nashville. Her paper sculptures are both beautiful and organic.

Prices vary beginning at $200

Lauren Kussro: Prices vary beginning at $200


Kevin Peterson

Kevin Peterson gives new meaning to graffiti art. His paintings look so real you can hear the spray paint.

“Streetlight” Oil on canvas 47”X71” $5600 (but smaller works are below $2000)

Oil on canvas
$5600 (but smaller works are below $2000)

What I encourage you to do is explore and let go of the idea that your artwork needs to match your sofa.

Thank you, Betsy, for this visual feast! Our blank walls are begging for adornment!

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From my point of view, the world is one big art show.  I created this blog to chronicle my interest in visual arts but am receptive to what other ideas might evolve from the process.  Fortunately I am blissfully ignorant when it comes to the academics of art curation or selection.   Nonetheless, I do know what I like and that it doesn’t need to match the sofa.

Betsy Wills: “From my point of view, the world is one big art show.”


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