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Used to be when a woman said, “let me slip into something more comfortable”–the implication was…well, you know!  JUST THAT.

These days, however, for lots of women, getting into something more comfortable means it’s time to take off our heels.  And boy, are those heals getting higher and higher.  As the shoe designers propel us up and up (most heels now average 4″), OUR FEET ARE KILLIN’ US!

Leave  it to a couple of NYU students to come up with a solution we’ve all been waiting for:  CitySlips and AfterSoles. These two LOVED, LOVED their stilettos since both stood no taller than 5’2”, BUT after subway dashes, internships, plays and the general schlepping around one does in New York, they screamed a collective cry of  “NO MORE.”

After searching high and low for some cute “emergency footwear”, they both came up empty-handed…  still with sore feet.  These girls knew, however, they were on to a great fashion idea, so with an initial investment of $10,000 and the services of, they brought CitySlips to the marketplace last June.

CitySlips are lovely, fold-able ballet flats that come in a compact carrying case retailing for just under $30.  They are portable and fit into the average handbag. But, here’s the best part: CitySlips carrying case unfurls to tote those honkin’ stilettos back home with you!

Susie Levitt and Katie Shea learned the art of using every penny of their investment wisely.  They found resources like, picked the brains of their profs and discovered that a down economy sometimes actually works for you.  Realizing this, these girls did not stop with CitySlips….. hello AfterSoles.

AfterSoles are every bit as clever and useful as CitySlips, but smaller. AfterSoles roll up in a case no bigger than your cell phone case with the same cute ballet shoe look.  How many weddings and black tie events have we all been to when  the band cranks up Rocky Top Tennessee and we’re too crippled to cha-cha?   Now you can grab your favorite clutch, pop in your AfterSoles for some late night dancin’.  Just as their slogan states:  Walk Tall, Dance On!

Here’s a video explaining the difference between the two concepts:

Video: AfterSoles & CitySlips

AfterSoles aren’t as supportive and substantial as CitySlips, but who cares?  They get you home from a black tie event with your feet intact.  Even better, AfterSoles cost under $20 a pair.

CitySlips and AfterSoles come in 3 colors:  black, gold and  silver and are sold through the website, and in about 30 boutiques across the US.   I can’t think of a better hostess gift, bridesmaid present or fun stocking stuffer.

And for all of you true entrepreneurs out there:  CitySlips has sold more than 6,000 pairs since June.  Here’s a piece of advice both girls give to anyone considering starting their own business:

  • Don’t wait for everything to be perfect – JUST START!  Taking initiative and creating momentum is essential for success.
  • As an entrepreneur, the only boss you have is your customers.  It’s important to listen and take-note, because it is they who ultimately decide if your product succeeds or fails in the market place.

If you buy a pair of CitySlips or AfterSoles, then let StyleBlueprint know.  We LUV them.

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