Chicken recipes are a kitchen staple. The phrase alone — “chicken recipes” — is one of the mostly widely searched food phrases on Google. Well, quit searching. We have scoured our recipe archives to bring you some of our favorites chicken recipes to breathe new life into your kitchen adventures. Bon appetit!

5 Delicious Chicken Recipes

Easy Oven-Baked Barbecue Chicken

It’s likely that when you think about barbecue chicken, you have visions of smoke wafting, the hubby “manning” the grill and a bucket of ice-cold brewskies somewhere nearby. Though barbecue chicken on the grill is tasty, unlike burgers and dogs, it takes a ton of time to cook and has a high probability of either being completely undercooked or dry as a bone. Rather than telling the famished crowd to have another cold one and hang in there, try this recipe. You can thank us later!

Chicken Recipe: Oven-baked BBQ chicken

Easy oven-baked barbecue chicken is a delicious — and reliable — alternative to the grilled version.

Chicken & Bean Bake

One of the easiest dinners in the world, this one-dish chicken and bean bake is easy to prep and clean up. And, because there are a million different ways to combine or change flavors, your family will never get bored. The magic of the recipe is the juice of the chicken, which drips down the pan and mixes with the herbs and spices. It leaves you with a delicious and healthy meal.

Chicken recipe: Chicken & bean bake is the easiest chicken recipe you'll ever make. Seriously.

This chicken & bean bake is the easiest chicken recipe you’ll ever make. Seriously.

Art Smith’s Buttermilk Fried Chicken

The South is known for its fried chicken, and Chef Art Smith of Southern Art? Well, he makes some amazing fried chicken! Here he shares with us his amazing recipe for buttermilk fried chicken. And for those with gluten sensitivities? Well there are gluten-free ingredients offered, too!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This recipe comes from StyleBlueprint Louisville contributor (and Texas native) Heidi Potter. She shares, “In 1997, I had a recipe shower before my wedding. My Texas friends and family were in utter shock that I was moving to Kentucky to LIVE, full-time. The most common question I was asked repeatedly then, and for many years after, was, ‘When are you moving back to Houston?’” Heidi’s still in Louisville, KY, and she’s still cooking the delicious Tex-Mex recipes that they gave her that day, one of which is her favorite chicken tortilla soup recipe from her friend Judi Marchand. “I had to take a picture of this weathered recipe card because her comments are hilarious. When she refers to fresh jalepeño in the recipe, she notes next to it ‘Do they sell them in KY?’”

Chicken recipe

The notes on this recipe card are priceless!

Chicken recipe: Chicken tortilla soup to savor as we enter the fall season!

And the finished masterpiece! Chicken tortilla soup to savor as we enter the fall season!

Modern Day Chicken Casserole

A modern day casserole. Perhaps that’s not the right term, as no oven or can of soup is used in this recipe, but it’s quick, easy and the whole family will love it. That’s the original intention of the casserole anyway, right?! Add shredded, raw spinach for a healthy boost, or leave it out to enjoy this recipe in its simplest version. It takes less than 20 minutes to make, and it’s an easy clean-up. Doesn’t get any better than that, right?

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