Tory BurchSo, my dear dear friend Becky goes to Jamie’s to buy some sandals.  She buys some Tory Burch sandals that are orange and terribly expensive- even on sale.

She is thrilled.  They are so cute.  She calls me,
“I know you will LOVE these!”

OK, I’m thrilled for her too.  Dang it, I want some cute Tory Burch orange sandals

She gets on a plane to Oregon the very next day wearing these cute sandals.

Some young thang with a bandanna around her forehead says,
“Those sandals are really cute.”

Becky is thinking, “Ummm, they should be.  They are Tory Burch!”

She says,
“Thanks.  I just got them.”

Young thang says,
“Did you get them at Payless?”

Becky hits her head against the wall and thinks,
“NOOO, I bought them at the most expensive boutique in Nashville and HELLO they are TORY BURCH.”

She says,
“Actually, I bought them at this little boutique in Nashville.”

Young Thang says,
“Oh, Nashville.  That makes since.  UT Volunteers.  Orange.  Of course you needed those sandals.”

Becky hits her head against the wall again.  She now hates her sandals.

Loving the color orange in Tennesse is hard.  Having your Tory Burch shoes mistaken for Payless is even harder.

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