We’re so happy that Beth Sachan of Eat. Drink. Smile is joining us today to tell us about her favorite brunch spots in East Nashville. We’ve had so much fun dedicating August to East Nashville and promise to keep it part of the mix from here on out.



Pastries at Margot

Jealousy. That’s what I feel every time one of my East Nashville friends mentions walking to brunch. While I love my Green Hills neighborhood, there are exactly zero restaurants that are an easy walk from my house.

Sure, I could probably get to Hillsboro Village on foot in 15-20 minutes, but since there are pretty much no sidewalks on the route I’d have to take, I feel like I’m putting my life at risk every time I do make the attempt.

Those lucky folks over in East Nashville have not only one dining option nearby, but a handful of awesome brunch spots within just a mile of each other! The best part? They’re all great in their own unique way, and some even serve breakfast during the week, so if you wanted, you could brunch every single day. This I like.

Margot Tomato Tart

Of these, perhaps the best known is Margot. For years I’ve heard many people proclaiming it the best brunch in Nashville. Since they only offer brunch one day a week, you can bet it’s packed every Sunday. For this reason, reservations are highly recommended.

Margot’s refined menu and cozy environment make it perfect for a date, a double date, or dining with your parents. In fact, I know several people that go with their parents on a regular basis. My only tip is to try to keep your group to 4 or less since it is a small space.

Margot Cafe  www.margotcafe.com
1017 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Brunch Sunday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.



Peach Ricotta Tartine at Marche.

Right around the corner from Margot is their sister market and cafe, Marché. With a more casual, open, airy feel, this is the spot that I like to go with a group of my girlfriends on a relaxed Saturday or Sunday morning.

The wait can get a little long (on my last visit we waited for 40 minutes for a table for 2), but there are plenty of interesting libations to sip while you wait. Time just goes more quickly when you have a cucumber sake bloody mary or blood orange mimosa in hand, don’t ya think?

The menu is ever changing based on what is currently in season, but there is always something for everyone. For example, recently the menu had bacon & grits, steak & eggs, salmon crepes, omelettes and a summer vegetable couscous, to name just a few. There are always plenty of sweets and pastries too!

Marché Artisan Foods  www.marcheartisanfoods.com
1000 Main Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Note: you can also get breakfast Tues – Fri from 8 a.m. – 11 a.m.



Blue Sky Coffee

Whether you’re looking for breakfast during the week or brunch on the weekend, Sky Blue Cafe on the corner of 7th and Fatherland has you covered. Open 7 days a week, with a scrumptious menu and my favorite coffee, Drew’s Brews, this cute little cafe reminds me of my grandmother’s house.

While you wait for your food to arrive, you can challenge your friends or family to a fun round of trivia using the Trivial Pursuit cards that are on every table. How can you not love that? If you hadn’t guessed it already, this place is totally family friendly. In fact, they keep children’s books and coloring books on hand for all the kiddos.

The “Tuscan 2.0” –2 eggs over easy on a piece of toasted French bread.
at Sky Blue

The menu consists of the basic breakfast foods, with several omelets to choose from, and a few more interesting items for those with an adventurous palate. Did I mention they have french toast stuffed pancakes? Uh, yeah.

Sky Blue Cafe  skybluecoffee.com
700 Fatherland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Breakfast served Mon-Sun 7 a.m. – 3 p.m.



Mad Donna’s Captain Crunch French Toast

I’m just going to come right out and say it. Mad Donna’s is where I like to go when I’m nursing a hangover. Sure, it’s great other times too, but there are some downright decadent things on this menu that I wouldn’t normally order on just any old day.

Also, they have the best drink concept ever: a build-your-own Bloody Mary bar! Oh, and there’s also the 2 for 1 mimosa deal. A little hair of the dog helps, you know.

Some of my favorite menu items are the breakfast flatbread (a flatbread with eggs, cheese and sausage smothered in gravy), the Crab Cake Benny, and last, but certainly not least, the Captain’s French Toast. I’m typically a savory brunch kind of girl, but I cannot resist this french toast that’s crusted with crushed Cap’n Crunch cereal!

Mad Donna’s  www.maddonnas.com
1313 Woodland Street
Nashville, TN 37206

Brunch Saturday & Sunday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Thanks, Beth!

You can follow Beth’s gastronomic adventures here: Eat. Drink. Smile. and for more brunch options, see another post from Beth here: http://www.eat-drink-smile.com/


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