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This season, we expect to see everyone donning the color red, jazzing up their outfits with sparkly shoes and bringing florals into fall. While we are excited to try these trends, we are equally as excited to welcome back lasting looks from last season. A crowd favorite that continues its run is the bell sleeve. “Designers have taken a strong hold of the bell sleeve silhouette, and they are not letting go anytime soon,” says Renae Buising of Boutique Bella. “Adding volume to the arms is a fun way to create a dramatic look with minimal effort and total comfort. Since the sleeves are so wide and flowy, the body of the top will generally be more fitted. This balances the look and keeps it wearable for the everyday gal. The wide-sleeve trend brings back the flared style of the ’70s, but with modern updates that keep the current look fresh.” Make a fashion statement with this fun, dramatic style!

Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
Baby bells! We love the bell sleeve trend!

We spent some time at Boutique Bella scoping out our favorite tops that show off this fabulous fall trend. Here are some of the looks — both casual and sophisticated — that we love the most.

The everyday staple

Even casual tops have embraced the bell sleeve trend. So whether you are running errands, meeting the gals for lunch or simply heading to work, you can master this look during the day. “The dramatic flounced bell sleeves revitalize an everyday staple,” Ranae tells us.

Boutique Bella shows us the bell sleeve.
This super-soft top is the perfect introduction to the trend. Start with a simple look, like this. The top ($99) and necklace ($28) are available at Boutique Bella.
Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
With a fitted upper arm, this bell sleeve is less dramatic than most.
Boutique Bella shows us the bell sleeve.
The sleeve falls so perfectly, adding interest to the otherwise simple shirt.

Updated white tee

Even t-shirts can incorporate the trend! This short-sleeve shirt is feminine, and fun to wear — especially on warmer fall days. “This season’s favorite flourish makes an instant and easy update to a short-sleeve tee,” Renae says of the look. Pair the updated white tee with jeans and a Ceri Hoover clutch for a look that can take you from day to night.

Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
With a price tag of $66, this shirt can easily become your staple of the season!
Boutique Bella shows us the bell sleeve.
Thanks to the bell sleeve, you don’t need many accessories — but a Ceri Hoover clutch ($130) never hurts!

Lightweight and layered 

This look showcases how you can still make a statement, even with a casual look. “This soft and elegant knit top, with a tiered and lightly gathered statement sleeve, will keep you on trend,” Renae promises. The lightweight fabric makes it extremely wearable. “Sleeves trimmed with raw edge ruffles add the perfect dash of feminine flounce to a crewneck tee,” Renae tells us.

Boutique Bella shows us the bell sleeve!
This top ($58) is the perfect neutral for fall. And the layering of the sleeves updates your typical top.
Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
The ruffle is a welcomed, feminine touch.

A cozy knit

We love nothing more than finding the perfect sweater for fall. This oatmeal turtleneck option fits the bill! The knit isn’t too chunky, so it won’t weigh you down, but it will keep you warm on cooler days and nights. Pair it with a FASHIONABLE bag and black jeans for a complete ensemble.

Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
This oatmeal turtle neck sweater, $115, is perfect for fall.
Discussing the bell sleeve with Boutique Bella!
Be sure to carry your FASHIONABLE  bag ($158) like this to show off the dramatic sleeve!

Show stopper

For a feminine look for the evening, pair this top with jeans or skinny pants. “From a hot dinner date to a night on the town, this outfit will be a show stopper,” Renae assures us.

Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
You will love the movement of this top ($178)!
Discussing the bell sleeve with Boutique Bella!
The neckline is just as lovely as the bell sleeves.
Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
Not only does the top have a flattering fit, but the sleeves hang in such a lovely way.

Little red dress 

While the statement sleeve is typically reserved for tops, this look proves that it can work on dresses, too! “Combining flared sleeves with a trendy, off-the-shoulder neckline is one popular way to keep the look up-t0-date and modern,” Renae shares. “The wide flowing sleeves and bared shoulder complement each other so well.”

Discussing the bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
If this sleeve doesn’t make a statement, we don’t know what does.
Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
We love the way the structured bodice works with the bell sleeves on this burgundy dress ($167).
Discussing bell sleeves with Boutique Bella!
Movement like this is made for a night out on the town!

Get out there and master the bell sleeves! Shop these looks (and more) at Boutique Bella.

This article is sponsored by Boutique Bella. Photography by Leila Grossman of Grannis Photography.

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