WARNING: there is a boob picture at the end of this post.  Modest readers (this means you, Beth) beware!
I want to introduce you to Dr. Pat Maxwell, a Nashville native and founding pioneer behind breast reconstruction. Whether you are dealing with a post breast cancer body, or you simply want a better proportion, arguably the most respected person in the industry happens to practice right here – on 21st Avenue.
Dr. Maxwell cut his surgical teeth at John’s Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. Johns Hopkins is the birthplace of the radical mastectomy.  This drastic procedure, still being performed on up to 90% of patients in the 1970’s, was life saving, but left women severely disfigured.  (I had NO idea the extent of a radical mastectomy.  If you don’t either, click here)
Dr. Maxwell saw how devastated these women were and, to summarize what Wikipedia writes, he is credited with both the first successful microsurgical transfer of the latissimus muscle flap as well as the significant advance in the design of tissue expanders, making breast reconstruction a more viable option. Dr. Maxwell further helped introduce new implants “which more closely resemble the shape and feel of the natural breast.  The two-stage method of expander-implant reconstruction as described by Maxwell and Spears has become the most widely used technique for implant-based breast reconstruction.  “Once left with sunken chests and scars, women can now face the mirror each day without the painful reminder screaming back.
*Click here to read about the evolution of breast reconstruction and Dr. Maxwell’s influence.  I promise it’s interesting!

Choosing a Breast Implant

Dr. Maxwell has worked with Allergan for the past 20 years helping to create their implants (including the famed Gummy Bear, or Tear Drop)   Yep – he’s the guy who helped invent all the actual implants.  He holds 10 medical device patents in his name.   I know- we were blown away as well.  Now, he has a new invention which takes the guess work out of which implant to pick, by allowing the surgeon and patient to actually SEE what the implants will look like BEFORE any incision is ever made.  Keep reading, this is pretty cool….
Choosing the perfect size and shape of your implant has always been an imperfect science which is why so many women go back under knife dissatisfied with the final outcome.  Here is our interpretation of how women FORMERLY choose breast size:
Enter Dr. Maxwell’s newest creation: Precision Light, a 4-D machine that actually allows you to see your future chest – your post surgery chest – and thus pick your perfect fit.  This is REVOLUTIONARY!! It’s an actual picture, in 3-D, with every vein, scar, and mole in place.  The machine’s 4th dimension is its ability to compile calculations that are simultaneously computed when you are photographed.  Dr. Maxwell instantly has all the measurements from your shoulder to your ribs and every little measurement in between.  Within minutes, you get to see what your chest will actually look like, post surgery, with no imagination needed.  For a video showing EXACTLY how this is done, click here.

Reconstruction Simulation

Here is a reconstruction possibility on a cancer patient.  She is able to see her future chest, beautifully restored:
At times, 50% of Dr. Maxwell’s business is reoperative – meaning many of the tough cases are sent his way from other surgeons around the world.  After spending time with Pat, Elizabeth and I think he’s a total rock star in his field and we were floored that we had no idea of his credentials.  I mean, he is the real deal, and again, he’s HERE in Nashville.
Pat Maxwell has received every award under the sun and seems to be on all the “top 10” lists.  Do a google search.  You’ll be impressed. To find out more about Dr. Pat Maxwell and Maxwell Aesthetics, click here.