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In January, Biscuit Love moved from an only on-wheels establishment, as one of the most beloved food trucks in town, to a bricks and mortar establishment in the Gulch. Business is booming, and the buzz is huge. And, you know what? Both are equally deserved. This place is fabulous!

SB Biscuit Love front doors

Last Sunday, my family got up early as we wanted to try out Biscuit Love and get there before 8 a.m., as we had no idea what the line would be. Fortunately, while we were met with a line, it was short and moved quickly. I judge a place on sustainability based on the diversity of the clientele (if everyone looks the same, the same age, no variations … that’s not good), and Biscuit Love was filled with all ages, from babies to those long-retired, and had an obvious mix of both tourists and locals. That’s a place with staying power.

You order at the cashier, get a number, and find a table. Don’t find a table first! They pace the line to make sure that upon ordering, a table will be available. And, once you order, the food comes out very quickly. Our starter of Bonuts (that is donuts with a “b” and not a misspelling!) had lemon mascarpone on top and was placed on a bed of blueberry compote. It arrived within 5-6 minutes of sitting down. Within another 10 minutes, our entire order arrived. My coffee was kept filled, and the attentive staff helped out perfectly without being overbearing.

SB Biscuit Love

Three enormous guys came in while we were there, like football enormous, and they ordered a bit more than we did … and that’s how we got to see “the Princess”: hot chicken (and a HUGE piece at that) on top of a Biscuit Love biscuit with pickles, mustard and honey. My husband and son got a little jealous, but not enough to give up their East Nasty, with fried chicken, aged cheddar and sausage gravy on top. But, they certainly know what they are getting next time!

I got the Blacklock hash, which comes in a skillet with potatoes, sausage, onions, peppers and two sunny side eggs on top. Our order was rounded out with some oatmeal—which was super creamy—and a biscuit with sausage and eggs. All five of us left happy, with full stomachs and anxious to return.

SB Biscuit Love interiors

Everyone wants the biscuits at Biscuit Love! But, if you are an oatmeal fan, this creamy blend with brown sugar, pecans and apple butter will have you craving more.

I know, I know, everyone wants the biscuits! But, if you are an oatmeal fan, this creamy blend with brown sugar, pecans and apple butter will have you craving more; an excuse for a return visit.

We predict Pancake Pantry and Biscuit Love will soon have similar lines filled with both locals and tourists, reading the paper and contently waiting their turn. And, the lucky ones will be able to snag one of eight tables on one of Nashville’s prettiest patios, which is always shaded and is simply a hidden treasure. But, when we were there, the line was never huge, but it was definitely steady. We arrived a little before 8 a.m. and left about 8:45 a.m.

The patio at Biscuit Love

Isn’t this patio just delightful?

And, in even more happy news, Biscuit Love will open in the old Sunset Grill location, in Hillsboro Village, later this year! Ba BAM! That is leaving you with a smile today, right?!

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