National French Fry Day is coming up on July 13, but let’s be honest, there’s never a bad time to indulge in fries. Whether it’s classic fries, sweet potatoes, shoestrings or tater tots, Nashville boasts a long list of places to try your favorite snack. Here’s a guide to curing your craving all from restaurants all across the city

The Best French Fries in Nashville

Acme Feed & Seed

101 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37201 • (615) 915-0888

What to order: Sweet Potato Fries with Rooster Pepper Remoulade

During Nashville’s summer days, Acme is one of the best places downtown to get drinks and a bite to eat. Head up to their beautiful rooftop patio and get a side of sweet potato fries with rooster pepper remoulade, which offers a little kick. If the spice is too much, cool down with a special from their stellar drink menu.


Bobbie’s Dairy Dip

5301 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209 • (615) 463-8088

What to order: Sweet Potato Fries

Bobbie’s has been serving some of the best ice cream, shakes and burgers Nashville has to offer since 1951 but the delicious options do not end there. Their sweet potato fries are widely regarded as some of the best in the city and the accompanying dipping sauce takes them to the next level. Order up fries alongside one of their classic diner burgers (with vegetarian options too!) and splurge on their delicious soft serve for dessert.

Chauhan Ale & Masala House

123 12th Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 242-8426

What to order: Tandoori Chicken Poutine

Maneet Chauhan manages to merge our favorite Southern and Indian flavors at her Nashville restaurant, Chauhan Ale & Masala House. Poutine originally got its start in Canada but, like many things, it has made its way down South and been reinvented. Maneet adds an Indian spin by topping French fries with tandoori chicken, Kenny’s cheese curds and makhani sauce.

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Try your fries topped with tandoori chicken, Kenny’s cheese curds and makhani sauce. Image: Ron Manville

City Winery

609 Lafayette St., Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 324-1010

What to order: Smoked Salt & Vinegar Fingerling Frites

We love City Winery for their world-class wine, as well as their intimate shows, but now it’s time to give their French fries a moment in the spotlight. These thick-cut wedge frites are served with a roasted garlic and charred onion aioli — and are best when paired with a good drink and a show.


411 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN 37206 • (615) 226-3566

What to order: Basket of Fries

As one of East Nashville’s oldest dive bars, Dino’s specializes in late night food and brunch. In addition to fish and chips, hot chicken and Frito pie, you can order a classic cheeseburger and fries. The best combination of crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, their salty fries are a must-have at this long-standing joint. Have them plain or order them with Velveeta, bacon, Dino’s special sauce or chili and cheese.

Dive bars to high-end restaurants, all of these spots are serving up delicious fries

Dino’s cheeseburgers and fries is our favorite kind of diner food! Image: Dino’s

Embers Ski Lodge

2410 12th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37204 • (615) 866-5652 

What to order: Hand-Cut Belgian Fries

Served with your choice of sauce — including Jack Daniel’s ketchup, Sriracha cream, ESL gravy, Taos Tare, yum yum sauce, house-made tartar, sweet chili sauce, jalapeño ranch or ranch-blue cheese dressing — these fries are made for dipping. Perfectly crispy on the outside, warm and fluffy on the inside and a plethora dipping sauces from which to choose make this pound of fries go down easily.

FLIP Burger

4111 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209 • (615) 866-5652

What to order: Beef Fat French Fries

Served with smoked mayo and ketchup, these classic fries are taken to a new level with their delicious herbs and seasoning and are fried to crunchy perfection in beef fat. They are the perfect crunchy companion to one of FLIP’s many unique burgers and milkshakes! If you are up for a challenge, try the poutine: beef fat fries, cheese curds, chorizo gravy and a fried egg.

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FLIPS golden fries are calling our name! Image: FLIP Burger

Gabby’s Burgers and Fries

493 Humphreys St., Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 733-3119

What to order: Sweet Potato Fries

Nashvillians’ love for this WeHo restaurant is ever growing and we can’t help but think that the fries play a role in that rampant love affair. With five varieties of burgers, Gabby’s ensures that you will leave satisfied and happy. Each one comes with a side of fresh cut or sweet potato fries. We like to stick with the sweet potato variety, which come in the form of deep-fried wedges with bits of caramelized sugar. Grab an order of the sweet-yet-salty treat and a juicy burger for a hearty lunch.

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Midtown: 112 19th Ave. S., Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 678-4794

West Nashville: 5209 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209 • (615) 712-7137

What to order: Crinkle Fries

With all of the heat from Nashville’s famous hot chicken, you’ll need something to absorb the spice and cool your palate. These crinkle fries do the trick and never disappoint. Pair them with some hot chicken and a bowl of greens and you are set for a classic Southern meal!


Le Sel

1922 Adelicia St., Nashville, TN 37212 • (615) 490-8550

What to order: Moules Frites

Since the French did invent the fry, we thought it was only appropriate to include Le Sel, a local French restaurant, in our list. We like their frites, which are tossed in fine herbs and served alongside mussels. Max Goldberg gave us the insider tip of removing the mussel meat from the shells and adding it to the broth. Then, removing the shells, adding French fries and digging in. Trust us (and Max!): It is the most delicious way to enjoy this dish.

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Dunk these salty treats in mussel broth for a delectable meal.

M.L. Rose

Melrose: 2535 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204 • (615) 712-8160

Charlotte: 4408 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209 • (615) 750-2920

What to order: Loaded Waffle Fries

M.L. Rose is a go-to for burgers and brews but these loaded waffle fries are a meal all on their own. Piled high with three types of cheese, bacon, tomatoes and onions, we can’t wait to snack on them! Thankfully, there are two M.L. Rose spots in town and plenty of cold beer on tap that make getting a quick fix pretty convenient.

Paradise Park

411 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 251-1515

What to order: Chili Cheese Fries

Chili cheese fries are the perfect mid-day or late night snack and Paradise Park’s hours let us enjoy them almost any time we want! Located in the heart of downtown’s honkytonk district, Paradise Park is perfect for a break from either sightseeing or pedal tavern-ing. If you are looking to make a meal out of it, check out Paradise Park’s full menu of salads, sandwiches, burgers, dogs and other fried snacks.

Nashville best fries — chili cheese version

Try Paradise Parks’ fries doused in chili and cheese!

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

731 Mcferrin Ave., Nashville, TN 37206 • (615) 712-9517

What to order: Tater Tots

Sure, they may not technically be French fries but who can resist the fry’s golden, crunchy cousin: the tater tot? Go enjoy the famous farm burger you’ve been craving and knock back a few of these amazing potato pieces!

Rotier’s Restaurant

2413 Elliston Place, Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 327-9892

What to order: Sweet Potato Fries

This Nashville staple has been serving up some of the best burgers, delicious fries and comfort food since 1945, and the Rotier’s sweet potato fries will comfort you in just the right way. Pair them with their famous French bread burger and finish the meal with one of their amazing milkshakes, and you’ll be satisfied for days!


1121 Fifth Ave. N., Nashville, TN 37208 • (615) 750-2912

What to order: Home Fries at Sunday Brunch

Are Silo’s home fries traditional fries? No, but they are still quite worthy of an order. These square-cut hashbrowns will satiate your potato craving before your day even really begins.


230 Franklin Road, Franklin, TN 37064 •  (615) 599-4995

What to order: Truffle Fries

Stop into the Factory at Franklin for some shopping and wrap up the outing with Saffire’s truffle fries, which are sprinkled with herbs and parmesan and are so well-loved that they found their way on the brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour menus. Get an order for the table as an appetizer to share or as a side just for yourself.

Union Common

1929 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203 • (615) 329-4565

What to order: French Fries

And here we are, back to the foundation for this entire article: French fries — and Union Common has some pretty amazing ones. The duck fat shoestring fries, found on the dinner menu, are perfectly crispy and deliciously seasoned with parmesan and fresh herbs. Enjoy them with a unique cocktail and additional small plates or a flawlessly seasoned steak and a paired glass of wine for an upscale French fry experience.

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Union Common’s shoestring fries are a favorite side to any steak but they are good enough to be eaten on their own too! Image: Union Common

Did we leave your favorite fries off the list? Let us know!


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