Each day, we’re faced with choices, and we can respond negatively or positively to any given situation. We are forced to make choices when life-changing decisions surface and even when we encounter daily inconveniences, big or small. Sometimes, the choices are easy. Other times, the decision to stay positive comes with a challenge, and we need a little reminder to keep our chins up. This is where Nashville-based apparel company Bee Attitudes comes in.

More than three years ago, in a desire to offset the struggles young girls face, such as bullying, insecurities and desire for acceptance, three Nashville women — Lizzie Stuhlreyer, Merissa Costanza and Jessie Rosenblum — formed Bee Attitudes. The clothing line, which was “founded on the bedrock belief that having a positive attitude can make a difference in the world,” is designed to inspire women of all ages, sizes, races and demographics to bring positivity to the world. Their tagline, “Choose Your Attitude & Change the World,” is simple, yet powerful. And with their message stamped on everything from youth and adult T-shirts and hoodies to lip balm, infant clothing and magnets, they are encouraging people to rise above negativity through fearlessness, calmness, gratefulness, happiness, kindness, originality and peacefulness.

How you can change the world with your attitude

Bee Attitudes items encourage people to choose an attitude that will make a difference. | Image courtesy of Bee Attitudes

How you can change the world with your attitude

Find Bee Attitudes goodies in Nashville stores, including: The Beveled Edge, NancyBGoods, Noah’s Ark and Scarlett Begonia. For a full listing of retailers, click here.| Image courtesy of Bee Attitudes

As mothers raising daughters in a world often riddled with negative messages, the Bee Attitudes founders saw an opportunity to make a difference. Unaware that they would be dedicating their time — and lives — to the company, the trio dove head-first into building a new business. Since then, they have learned “how much work it takes to build a business and the importance of having partners that work well together,” says Jessie. The women agree that with trustworthy partners, anything can be accomplished. Together, they have worked through obstacles that would have been very difficult to navigate alone. The company is also fortunate enough to have a village of support behind them. Bee Attitudes’ customers are part of the team, and their encouragement and positive responses keep pushing the company forward.

We recently sat down to coffee with Jessie and Lizzie, and were overwhelmed by their contagious positivity. It was not just the fact that they were both clad in Bee Attitudes gear, but it was also their infectious, upbeat attitudes. The inspiration they bring to the world doesn’t leave room for negativity. We discussed a variety of topics, including the bombardment of negative images in pop culture, such as those surrounding body image, the importance of quality clothing, the joy one feels from giving back, Mardi Gras, our favorite dining spots and the joys of working for a start-up. Through all this stimulating and inspiring conversation, one thing was evident: these women are relatable. They have created a sense of community in which all women can feel welcome and important. Reaching women of different demographics, ages and body types, Bee Attitudes has the power to create change.

How you can change the world with your attitude

Lizzie, Merissa and Jessie agree that “Bee Attitudes shirts and accessories are a reminder that at any given moment, we can make a choice to have a better outlook. Our shirts remind us who we want to be, what we stand for and the impact one person can have on the world.” | Image courtesy of Bee Attitudes

How you can change the world with your attitude

Bee Attitudes for babies! Image courtesy of Bee Attitudes

In addition to spreading positivity through the message on their apparel and goods, Bee Attitudes is creating relationships with women and are giving women opportunities to thrive. Jessie passionately tells their story of giving back: “In 2013, we created Bee 4 Giving, which is the giving-back division of Bee Attitudes. We have partnered locally with Thistle Farms, and we can proudly say our handmade, ecofriendly seeded packaging is made by the women of Thistle Farms. Becca Stevens, the founder of Thistle Farms, is an inspiration to us. since she is an example of the difference one person can make in the world. She has changed the lives of so many women, and has brought so much awareness to the very real problem of human trafficking in our country. We also give a percentage of our proceeds to Thistle Farms and other nonprofits that resonate with our positive attitudes.”

As a company owned by women, you can be assured that Bee Attitudes produces super-comfy and stylish clothing. It’s also reassuring to know that the founders, who also design the shirts, all have different body types and tastes. With different preferences for necklines, fit, fabric and design, they are able to create shirts that look and feel good for everyone. They have all been worn, tried and tested to ensure comfort and quality.

How you can change the world with your attitude

Bee Attitudes’ next step is to continue to expand their successful women’s, infants and accessories line and to focus on growing their youth line. Stay tuned for new youth shirts this spring and for back-to-school attitudes this fall. Also, positive attitudes are coming for your kitchen! Image courtesy of Bee Attitudes

So what attitude will you choose? With products in more than 80 stores around the country (and two in Canada), as well as an online shop, you can choose your positive attitude — or attitudes — today.