A room can be totally transformed with a simple lighting fix. A new chandelier or table lamp can bring new life and energy to an outdated space. We’ve searched far and wide across Nashville and Williamson County to find some beautiful lighting options that will add a whole new dimension to your decor. Take a look at this eclectic list, as there is bound to be something spectacular for every style and budget!

Wooden floor lamp

Update any space with this unique floor lamp crafted with wood and set on a steel base. The sculptural design enhances the element of style, and the grooves created in the wood give the piece added interest. Create an impact with this lighting fixture and make it the focal point of any space. Find it online for $500 through Area 2 Trading Company.

This wooden floor lamp, $500 at Area 2 Trading Company, is modern but rustic.
Wooden floor lamp, $500 at Area 2 Trading Company

Blue ceramic lamp

This ceramic piece offers an exceptional pop of bold color. The artfully designed ceramic base paired with the blue linen-lined shade creates a dramatic impact. While this lamp is bold and colorful, the tasteful and sophisticated design allows it to fit seamlessly into any space. Find it at LUMEN Lamps for $345.

This Blue ceramic lamp was found for $345 at LUMEN Lamps
Blue ceramic lamp, $345 at LUMEN Lamps

Antique silver chandelier

This chandelier is sure to make any room look striking. The silver plate, dating back to 1910, illuminates the four-tiered structure, and the antique components are refurbished in an elegant modern design. The silver plate is ornamented with a detailed border. Find it online priced at $1,275 through Preservation Station.

This silver and glass chandelier was discovered at Preservation Station.
Silver chandelier

Gothic antique lantern

Revive any space with this extraordinary 19th-century bronze Gothic lantern. The cylindrical-shaped body and cone-shaped top detailed with bronze is eye-catching. Even though it’s from the 1800s, the cream-colored glass panels are in pristine condition and have been updated with modern installations. Give character to your house with this pendant lighting from Preservation Station for $1,675.

This Antique Gothic Pendant from Preservation Station has a historic appeal!
Antique gothic lantern

Rustic wooden chandelier

Simple but elegant, this chandelier from Vignette is an ideal accent over a dining room table at a beach home or lake house. Composed with strings of distressed wooden beads, it has a striking maritime feel, adding the perfect amount of texture to a traditional or classic room, while emitting a warm glow.

This wooden chandelier from Vignette would look perfect in a beach house
Vignette chandelier, $325

Tea cup and spoon chandelier 

This unique fixture from Hester & Cook is made from vintage spoons and porcelain cups. A festive lighting fixture to add to a dining room, kitchen or even a child’s bedroom, this one-of-a-kind piece has a playful, narrative appeal that reminds us of our favorite fairy tales and bedtime stories. Available for $1,500

This teacup and spoon chandelier at Hester and Cook is so whimsical!
Teacup and spoon chandelier at Hester & Cook, $1,500

Antique golfer lamp

This antique golfer lamp would make a great accessory for a masculine den or study. Anchored by a set of bound books, it has an archival quality that makes it feel precious. The textured cream shade lets just the right amount of warm light shine through. Available for $800 at Northgate Gallery

Antique golfer lamp on a bound-book base, $800 at Northgate Gallery
Antique golfer lamp on a bound-book base, $800 at Northgate Gallery

Wavy tortoise lamp

This modern fixture from Bliss Home is the perfect side table accent. The tortoise-patterned glass base has a wavy shape, bringing color, texture and dimension to the room. It’s a highly versatile piece that could fit seamlessly into contemporary or classic homes. Available for $259

This Tortoise Lamp from Bliss Home is a great side table accent.
Wavy tortoise glass lamp, $259 from Bliss Home

Amber root lamp

This iridescent lamp from Merridian Home Furnishings looks gorgeous against the deeply stained woods you might find at a desk or in a library. It has a Baroque elegance, but isn’t overly fussy. The gnarly roots provide a naturalistic charm, while the amber stain adds richness. Available for $225

This brass lamp from Merridian Home Furnishings has a baroque appeal.
Amber silver root lamp, $225 at Merridian Home Furnishings

Manuel lamp

This lustrous pale blue lamp from Providence Interiors is simply stunning. The cylindrical shade and rounded base add a modern edge, while the pale tones add a romantic, feminine dimension. In this case, the light blue functions as a neutral and pairs beautifully with grays, browns, and even bold reds and oranges. Available for $430

Add this turquoise lamp from Providence Interiors to your bedroom for an instant style boost!
Manuel lamp, $430 from Providence Interiors

Lattice Glass Lamp

Simply gorgeous with its sheen and subtleties, this lattice glass lamp for Margi’s Chair and Chair Alike on Bandywood makes a great addition to almost any room in the house. The silk shade with its slight contrast offers a perfect finish to the look. What’s great about this lamp is the neutral hue that works well with any color scheme, especially understated neutrals. Available for $600

This gorgeous lamp from Margi's chair really adds dimension to this space.

Lattice glass lamp, $600 at Margi’s Chair and Chair Alike

Gilt deco chandelier 

Make a gorgeous statement with this Italian silver gilt deco chandelier from R. Higgins Interiors.  The multiple strands of crystals give this chandelier a sophisticated and intricate look, and it works perfectly for a foyer or elegant dining room. Available for $3,950

This gorgeous chandelier form R. Higgins would make a dramatic statement in any home.

Available at R. Higgins Interiors for $3,950

Modern lamp

Add a focal point to your home with this colorful lamp from Bradford’s Interiors.  It is one of a pair and will add a wonderful accent to tables beside a sofa or on a sideboard. The fanciful leaf pattern gives this lamp a unique look that completes any room. Available for $1,250

Bradford Interiors has so many great home finds, like this mod lamp!

Available at Bradford’s Interiors for $1,250

Bronze sconce 

Simply gorgeous with its graceful lines and chic approach, this lovely sconce in bronze with natural paper shade from AshBlue adds a beautiful touch to any room. With its incandescent light, this fixture provides a glow that welcomes you and your guests. Available for $525

This bronze sconce from Ash Blue has naturalistic elements.

Available at AshBlue for $525

Honeycomb gold pendant light 

This gold pendant is eye-catching, no matter what room it hangs in. Its unique honeycomb design, held by a heavy gold chain, is stunning. It’s a great conversation piece, no doubt! $328 from D. Luxe Home

The Gold Honeycomb Pendant from D. Luxe Home is contemporary and urban.
Gold Honeycomb Pendant, $328 from D. Luxe Home

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