Valentine’s Day. A day that frequently evokes exclamatory responses. When writing this article, I asked the two women nearest me (one who is engaged, the other married) to participate in a little word association about Cupid’s special day of romance. The bride-to-be cried, “Flowers! Hearts! Chocolate! Cards! Jewelry! I love everything cheesy,” while the married woman simultaneously and dryly declared, “Hate it. Always have.” After musing over all our opinions on the special day, we agreed that flowers and a little bling are the best ways to celebrate any romantic milestone, Valentine’s Day included. So today, just over a week before February 14, we’ve put together some of the choicest jewelry finds around town. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or “Gal”entine’s Day this year, read on to get your dose of enviable eye candy.


Triangle Chime Earrings

Margaret Ellis‘ Spring 16 Collection launched just a few days ago, and the results of her hard work are stunning. With a wide selection of earrings, necklaces, cuffs and bangles, it was challenging to pick a favorite. Our eye was instantly drawn to these clip-on earrings, which are designed with sterling silver or bronze with clip or omega. Try on a pair (starting at $415) for yourself at the studio and shop located in Cummins Station.

Triangle Chime Earrings

Triangle Chime earrings, starting at $415 at Margaret Ellis

Ayala Bar Earrings 

Soft, feminine colors and artful design make this a pair of earrings that any gal would be happy to receive from a special someone. We love everything from Ayala Bar’s line of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. If you are not familiar with this Israeli jewelry designer, head down to Two Old Hippies in The Gulch and see her great selection for yourself. This pair can be found at Two Old Hippies for $170.

Ayala Bar Earrings

Ayala Bar earrings, $170 at Two Old Hippies

Mini Rex With Bone Earrings 

This season, Nisolo has put a spin on their traditional mini rex earrings by adding additional bone detailing to the ends. These earrings, handmade in Kenya, are sure to add interest to any outfit. Find these, and additional pieces from their newest collection, at Nisolo’s shop on Ninth Avenue. You can purchase them for $58.

Mini Rex With Bone Earrings

Mini Rex with bone earrings, $58 at Nisolo


Long, Beaded Necklace

Bold and feminine in design, Goodman Spalding jewelry offers a unique mix of semiprecious stones and brushed metals, frequently paired with old coins or religious medals. Each handmade piece has its own character and will thus beautifully complement yours. Available for $138, Goodman Spalding necklaces like this one can be found at COLOR, Spruce and The Registry.

Goodman Spalding beaded necklace

Long, beaded necklace from Goodman Spalding, $138

Vintage Crystal Dial Necklace

There are only a limited number of these vintage necklaces, crafted with crystal dials and fine, filled gold chains, so snag one while you still can. These elegant necklaces measure 16 inches to 18 inches long, making them perfect to wear with any neckline. We would be thrilled to receive this beauty, and we are sure any special someone in your life would feel the same. Find the necklace online at Carden Avenue for $148.

Vintage Crystal Dial necklace

Vintage crystal dial, $148 at Carden Avenue

Wrap Necklace

If you are looking for something that breaks the bounds of traditional jewelry, head to Harpeth Gallery for this beaded wrap necklace. With gold beading and turquoise accents, this piece can be worn a handful of different ways with a million different outfits. Grab it for your daughter, for your mother, for your sister, for your girlfriend or for yourself. The necklace is sold for $196 at Harpeth Gallery.

Wrap Necklace

Wrap necklace, $196 at Harpeth Gallery

Gunmetal Necklace

Gunmetal has become more and more popular in all types of jewelry. The contrast in color it provides against traditional metals adds an edge and layer of sophistication to any ensemble. Though simple in form, the dark gray bead on the brassy chain packs a punch stylewise. This $118 piece by CV Designs at Gus Mayer would be a welcome addition to our jewelry box!

Gunmetal pendant necklace

Gunmetal pendant necklace, $118 at Gus Mayer


Gemstone Cuff

Simple and sweet, this gemstone cuff is quickly moving to the top of our wish list. What’s even better is how lovely Judith Bright’s pieces look paired together, and the different colored gemstones found in the bracelets and cuffs offer great variety. Find this handcrafted cuff, and dozens of other selections, for $398 at Judith Bright.

Gemstone Cuff

Gemstone cuff, $398 at Judith Bright

Bird on a Wire Bracelets  

When we popped into The Willow Tree to look at jewelry, there were so many gorgeous options. But the Bird on a Wire bracelets below caught our eye. Made with guitar strings, mixed metals and gems, they are designed to showcase Nashville’s rich music culture. The unique design and variety of colors make these locally-made pieces one-of-a-kind. Available at The Willow Tree for $32-$35.

Bird on a Wire Bracelet, $32–$35 at The Willow Tree

Bird on a Wire Bracelet, $32–$35 at The Willow Tree


Thin cuff bracelets are great for wearing alone or stacking, so why should rings be any different? These Graziela rose and white gold bands with pear-shaped diamond settings are certainly no exception. Worn together or separately, the delicate rings would look beautiful on any finger. These rings are available at Jamie for $1,050 each.

Diamond cuff rings at Jamie

Diamond cuff rings, $1,050 each at Jamie

Cobblestone Ring

Antique jewelry is en vogue once more, and we love seeing this particular transformation of old to new. The Single Stone collection at Anatra Jewel displays a seamless blend of contemporary and vintage, as seen in this cobblestone ring. The statement size feels modern, while the various diamond cuts add a vintage feel. This gorgeous piece is available at Anatra Jewel for $7,500*.

*SB Note: Anatra Jewel just announced that the store will be closing soon, going out of business. We wish them all the best in their new adventures. BUT, in the meantime, the entire store is up to 70 percent off, so stop by and score something really beautiful, all at special savings not likely to repeat anytime soon. Thus, this ring may be a different price than quoted above!

Single Stone Cobblestone ring

Single Stone cobblestone ring, $7,500 at Anatra Jewel


Fluted Mammoth Pendant

Jewel tones are always a welcome trend, as they look fabulous on just about every skin tone. Fortunately, even when the bright colors are absent from the runway, jewel tones in jewelry are always on point. The gorgeous ivory center of this pendant is made all the more brilliant by the surrounding peridot and white topaz stones set in 14-karat gold. Elegant in symmetry, color and design, this is a piece that will never go out of style. Available at Cindi Earl for $3,720.

Fluted Mammoth Pendant

Fluted mammoth pendant, $3,720 at Cindi Earl

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