Being escorted into Bastion‘s new restaurant space feels like being escorted into an exclusive club, and we were beyond thrilled to score an invite to experience it first-hand. Less than five months ago, Bastion opened under the ownership of Strategic Hospitality and Chef Josh Habiger as a self-described “casual watering hole” with craft cocktails, punches, beers and wines … and some of the finest nachos we have ever enjoyed — and you don’t even have to be three sheets to the wind to think so. Tucked inside Houston Station, in a space formerly home to the American Syrup & Preserve Company, the bar is a welcome addition to the growing Wedgewood Houston neighborhood.

Now, after much scuttlebutt about a phase two of this watering hole, Bastion has successfully embarked on their new culinary venture with the addition of a 24-seat dining room. Patrons are welcomed into the 1,000-square-foot space through a sliding door found behind the Bastion bar. Inside, Habiger has been hard at work since the restaurant’s opening in late May creating ever-changing menus that showcase seasonal and inventive fare. Upon first glance, the menu reads more like a puzzle or a bingo card, but upon closer inspection you will see the menu is composed of various dish sizes (indicated by the price point) that cover everything from veggies and grains to meats and seafoods with the last line dedicated solely to desserts.

After our experience, we must recommend you go as a group of one, two or three to be seated at the countertop, which will grant you an open view of Habiger and his team at work. Overlooking the kitchen, these are the best seats in the house. Despite the constant shuffle of the kitchen staff, which consists of only a handful of culinary masterminds, everyone is willing to take a breather and share insight to the menu and their culinary creations. As a party of three, we opted to order a breadth of options to share (pork rib + delicious, oyster + cucumber, raw beef + peanut, peas + verbena, cobia + elderberry, chicken + dumplings and all three of the desserts!), and all were anything but ordinary.

Bastion — a must go Nashville experience!

Grab at seat at Bastion's new restaurant

The restaurant side of Bastion is broken into a bar and a dining area. The dining area, with low lights, sounds of the busy kitchen team and limited capacity create a space that is bustling yet intimate. Parties of one to four are seated at the countertop while parties of four to six are seated at the tables for a multi-course meal, with a special large cut of meat or whole animal as the centerpiece.

Enjoy innovative, fresh cocktails at Bastion

The cocktail menu is limited, but the bartending experts are willing to craft anything you wish. Each drink that graces the cocktail menus at the bar and restaurant are enduringly popular and are crafted with an artisan touch.

Bastion drinks


Patterson House is credited with bringing the craze of craft cocktails to Nashville, and Strategic Hospitality is continuing to showcase the art of the cocktail at their many restaurants and bars. Matt Tocco, formerly of Patterson House, is Strategic Hospitality’s beverage director and alongside Chelsey, who is heading up the restaurant’s beverage program, is making a name for Bastion’s cocktail program.

The menu at Bastion is a bit of a puzzle

Then menu at Bastion, which takes a bit of decoding, is organized according to plate size. We have to suggest that you mix and match and share with other members of your party. This is the best way to insure you get a taste of everything Habiger has to offer! You can even order the whole menu for $180. For parties of four to six, you can make a reservation, which will grant you seating and a multi-course menu for your party. If this is the route you choose, plan for a two-hour dining experience unlike any other.

Bastion Food

Our favorite dish at Bastion!

The pork rib + delicious was just that — delicious. This dish is usually served with two ribs but the chef was kind enough to add an extra so everyone in our party could have a taste!


Bastion’s chefs are not hiding in Emerald City or behind closed doors. The preparation of each dish can be seen, heard and smelled throughout the restaurant — which will only increase your appetite!


The fresh oysters were placed atop a layer of cucumber mousse, which offered a unique combination of flavors that was welcomed on a steamy summer day at Bastion.


Bastion’s wide selection of seafood is so fresh and high-quality that you’ll forget that you reside in a landlocked state.


Whenever craving anything sweet, we would go back just for the desserts — paired with a cocktail or crisp glass of wine, of course. On the menu at the time, the strawberry + dairy, rhubarb + raspberry and sunchoke + foie caramel were all equally delicious. If forced to pick favorites, the sunchoke + foie caramel would take the cake.


Spend your evening being captivated by the talents of Bastion’s culinary team and enjoying the fruits of their labor.


With the option to nosh on more than just nachos, Bastion is drawing crowds for dinner with the restaurant portion of their business, which serves dinner Wednesday through Saturday beginning at 5:30 p.m. If you do strike out making the walk-in list, head back to the bar, try said nachos and enjoy a casual evening in Wedgewood Houston!


We will leave it up to you to tell us what you think about the food, but we can whole-heartedly say a trip to Bastion is well worth the experience!

Bastion details:

Head to Wedgewood Houston and experience Bastion for yourself. The address is: 434 Houston Street, Nashville, TN. They are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday beginning at 5:30 p.m., and the adjoining bar opens at 5 p.m. Parties of one to four are seated at the countertop on a first come, first served basis, and parties of four to six can make a reservation by contacting [email protected]. Reservations for group dinners open every Wednesday at noon for the following week and are scheduled in the order requests are received. More details.


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