When Bajo Sexto expanded to a second location on Charlotte Avenue, opening just before Memorial Day, our whole family did the happy dance as this location is far easier for us to get to than the downtown location, of which we are already big fans. The homemade corn tortillas, the guac and the margaritas are just what you want from a taco joint. Nashville is exploding with new taco options, which suits me just fine; while some people categorize their eating by the food groups — dairy, vegetables, meat, grains, etc. — tacos are on my list as a must-eat food group. Yes, they are their own group, and don’t tell me that this doesn’t make sense as on the happiness meter of life, I need some every week, preferably more than once.

For a little background, Bajo Sexto is owned by NYC-based celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman, Howard Greenstone and Ken Levitan. Both Bajo Sexto locations show off the talents of Oaxacan-born chef Kaelin Ulrich Trilling, and this new second location is in a renovated muffler shop, right next door to Bobby’s Dairy Dip. Yep, this corner of 53rd and Charlotte has become one of the hottest restaurant spots in town with Miel, Hattie B’s, Bobby’s Dairy Dip and now Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge. Across the street is Wendell’s and Whitt’s BBQ, which may both benefit from this powerhouse of culinary extremes, and Thistle Stop Cafe is also just down the street (and open for breakfast in case you missed that update a few months ago!). As an aside, I certainly hope these places continue to spring up and work within the more industrial architecture that already exists on Charlotte. Bajo Sexto did an excellent job working within the confines of the building’s footprint and it makes this taco lounge all that more appealing.

Interior and Exterior of Bajo Sexto

At Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge, the colors are bright and friendly, with garage doors that open to a patio filled with umbrellas to shield the afternoon sun. Be sure to look at the ceiling when you are inside to see the guitar mural seen above on the lower left.

Bajo Sexto Drinks

In the age of the $18 cocktail, sipping on $9 cocktails feels like a bargain! There is a full bar to enjoy at Bajo Sexto’s Charlotte Avenue location.

But, back to the food. Expect delicious and satisfying tacos. Yes, there are gourmet options, like duck breast, but the straight up chicken taco is just as good. The queso comes with fried potatoes, mushrooms and pork rinds, which surprised our group and led to oohs and ahhs as we devoured the cheesy goodness, along with some of the best guacamole found in the city limits. We also sampled the salads, tortilla soup and enchilada plate, and all were happy with their orders. When looking for bang for your buck, the animal nachos are $14 and ginormous. You can feed four people for lunch or as an appetizer for eight with this dish — seriously. Speaking of sharing meals, if you like to share large plates, meals made for sharing include the bajo chicken dinner and the baby back rib dinner. And, if you want to add some crunchy protein to your meal, roasted grasshoppers (you read that correctly) are available to sprinkle on top of tacos, or nachos, or whatever your order. Yes, I tried them … not for me, but maybe they are for you.

Grab a seat inside or at the bar, which seats 25, or take a seat under an umbrella on the ample patio — and expect to be impressed. This is the real deal, people. My envy of Austin has been erased.

SB Tip: Take an Uber or Lyft. Parking is really hard. We certainly hope Bajo will rent some nighttime parking across the street and that the city puts in a crosswalk. Both are desperately needed.

Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge is located at 5303 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209. Hours are Sunday through Thursday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

What we ate:

Appetizers at Bajo Sexto

On our first visit, we sat at the bar and toasted the day with beer, margaritas and guacamole. On our second visit, we discovered the queso. Both will be ordered on every future visit. Yes, both.

Meal at Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge

The top salad with chicken was just the right amount of food when you want something light, but you don’t want to leave hungry. Clockwise, the next photo showcases those grasshoppers I was talking about. Yep, crunchy protein. Try them once — just to it. Next, you can see how big the taco is in my hand. Two tacos more than filled me up. I probably could have just had one with all the queso and guac I sampled … Next are the enchiladas — yum! Lastly, the seasonal veggies consisted of rainbow carrots and potatoes. Those and one taco would make a great meal as well.

I just love tacos. Don’t you?

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