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Argonauta Design

It seems like lately everyone is talking about Spring Break. We are ready!  We are really ready to get out of the tundra and into the sun.  For those of you planning trips to Washington, Chicago or New York – it’s time to rethink. Southwest has some incredible deals right now – all heading South.  The thought of skiing down a snow laden slope makes me quiver.  All I want is a temperature over 35 degrees.
With Spring break on the brain, you can get a cheap, quick fix on warm weather by driving over to Target. (Yes, I’m that desperate.)  Target has all their bathing suits, cover ups and summer sandals out for you to peruse.  It’s a free quick trip to the memories of warmth!   The idea of trying on a bathing suit right now makes me cringe, but gazing at them while pondering soft gentle breezes, makes me smile.

Another thing that makes me smile right now (well, always) is jewelry – jewelry you can wear with shorts, t-shirts, light cotton shifts….

So when my cousin Sandi introduced me to Kim Catalano, a jeweler from Maine who makes “fishy” designs, it seemed like an appropriate post since Spring Break is only 17 days away and counting.  Sandi was wearing one of her bracelets on our recent family reunion. I was drawn to the cute fish in silver and beautiful beads. I am quite sure I have not seen anything quite like her jewelry before, and certainly not at such amazing prices.  One question I asked Kim is how can she make such gorgeous jewelry so inexpensively (most of her pieces are all handmade and under $100)

Kim, a jeweler with a knack for fish

Her reply says so much about herself and her business philosophy.

“I know I could charge more, but I want to see my jewelry worn.  I started this eight years ago and bought a shop, then I bought a larger shop.  I guess something must be working.”

StyleBlueprint readers: meet Kim Catalano of Argonauta Designs.

Her jewelry making began 10 years ago as way to supplement her income as a commercial fisherwoman in Cape Cod.  She loved her life of jigging for cod and reeling for blue fin tuna – despite the fact the working days were a long 10 – 12 hours.  The beauty of seeing a dolphin and whale race beside the boat was inspiring, but unfortunately, she saw the results of over-fishing as the fish began to disappear.  Trying to make a difference, she joined in to educate and raise awareness of the  detriments of dragging the waters for fish.  Then she started making jewelry and selling it at home parties. With a captive audience, she could tell people what was going on in our deep blues seas.   Her fish jewelry is so popular now that she no longer is a commercial fisherwoman.  Her message is still clear:  if we want to continue to enjoy the wonder of the sea, we must sustain the population of fish and replenish them.

Triple strand dyed mother of pearl with onyx necklace @ $74

Java Fish Bracelets @$44

I hope you love her jewelry as much as I do.  Spring break is right around the corner.

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