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During the holidays,  I was walking through Dillard’s.  I was dumbstruck: there in front of me was entire table devoted to Annick Goutal perfumes.  Am I in Chicago?  New York? Pinch me- Annick Goutal has found her way to Nashville! To be certain, Annick Goutal is not your typical fragrance.  To start with, check out how beautiful the bottles are!

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My favorite fragrance in her line is Eau de’ Hadrian .  It has sophistication all its own and is a wonderful combination of citrus scents:  Sicilian lemon, lime and grapefruit. My first introduction to Eau de’ Hadrian was when I worked for an all female consulting company. We were quirky and proud of it.  Information sharing was our game- with each other and our clients.  We each lived in different cities and our weekly conference calls included tangents such as “Does anyone have a new shade of red lipstick?”  (Red lipstick was our company trade mark since we were all brunettes.)  Don’t be mistaken, we exuded a sales savvy that was uniquely ours and were quite successful.  In fact, one year we went to Italy on the company profits.  While there, one of the girls found an incredible Gucci scarf and we all had to buy the exact same one.  Why not?  It was fabulous and we all lived in different cities.  Bottom line: If one of us found something worth noting, all of us knew about it.  Thus, it’s no wonder that while in New York one of my partners veered off 5th Avenue and pulled me into Neiman Marcus.  “You need to know about Annick Goutal,” she said. “It is simply the most wonderful fragrance ever made”.  She was right; it is.

Annick Goutal blossomed as one of the world’s most renowned perfume creators, a career she found later in life.  After a failed marriage and a bout with breast cancer, she married her childhood sweetheart and launched into the skin cream business.  She instinctively knew that 2 important elements were missing from the marketplace: fragrances and packaging.  She gravitated to perfumes and found her calling.  Her mission in each fragrance was authenticity over ostentation.  Eau de’ Hadrien put her on the map and allowed her to open her first salon in Rue’de Bellechasse in the Saint Germain district of Paris.  This fragrance continues to be the favorite of fashion editors, Madonna, Prince and even the Guerlain family. In 1999, Goutal succumbed to her breast cancer and her lovely daughter, Camille, took over her company.  For more information on Annick Goutal, please click here.

Annick Goutal is available both at Dillard’s in the Green Hills Mall as well as at Private Edition. It is pricey at a over $100 for 3 ounces.  If you can’t afford it right now, treat yourself to a spritz when walking through Dillard’s.  Better yet, add to your wish for Valentine’s Day.

P.S.: My younger sister used to zoom over before a date with her current husband and spray some and be on her way.  After 11 year of marriage and 4 children, I think it worked!


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