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A couple of months ago, Anatra Jewel inquired about being a sponsor on our blog.  At the time they called, we were in the process of considering adding sponsors to the blog.  We knew we wanted a “win-win” approach for both readers and sponsors if we decided to go in that direction…and I think you’ll be pleased with what we decided.

There are a ton of reasons to be happy that Anatra agreed to be a sponsor in November.  Here are a couple off the top of my head:

    • Anatra’s design team has a great eye for objects of beauty — whatever the age: If you’d like a piece of your grandmother’s jewelry updated or redesigned, they understand how to transform a gorgeous piece into something even more compelling.
    • Anatra’s “wish-list” works – it’s what I call the 1-2-3 punch: you find it, they scan it, then he buys it.


Chalcendony earring looks beautiful in all colors.

If you’re a client of the “closet girls” you know they love hoops.


Original 1980’s Nugget Ring

One of five re-created necklaces from that ring above!

A single diamond mount from that same ring.  Don’t you love the simplicity?

A few weeks ago I stopped by to meet with the owner Maria Fouce and her marketing guru Katherine to work out the details of their sponsorship.  Since I adore jewelry, I couldn’t be happier about the meeting place.  Anatra Jewel is serious eye candy.

As I sat down to talk with them, I reflected on my past career.  I cut my teeth in sales and management and went on to be a consultant or insult-ant as one of our clients so eloquently deemed us.   What I learned from my consulting days is this: the vibe starts at the top.   What I mean is this: the person at the top determines what’s important in a company.  If the top dog loves computers, then the company embraces technology; if the boss gets in at 8:30 a.m., then the ranks file in about 8:29 a.m., and so forth.   The personality of the leader of the pack resonates throughout the company.

I mention this because I felt an instant connection with the owner Maria.  She is unassuming and willing to tell her story: why she went from being a hairdresser in Los Angeles to owning one of the nicest boutique jewelry stores in Nashville.  Suffice it to say, there was lots of blood, sweat and tears in the transition, but she figured it out.  Maria is one tough cookie.  Through all this, Maria has created a nurturing and fun place to work.  I promise, you will feel the good vibe.

Katherine, Troy, and Maria.

Basically, Maria surveyed the landscape in town and saw an unfilled niche in jewelry stores: boutiques where women can feel comfortable shopping for themselves.  Rather than focusing on the ultra high-end market, she has zeroed in on stylish jewelry women can justify buying for themselves.

This necklace is a great “wish list” wish!

If you’re like me, you rarely buy jewelry for yourself.  I’m not sure if this is a “southern thing” or a universal thing about women’s buying habits.  Even if we are traditionalists and let our husbands or boyfriends buy for us, we know there is only a 50-50 chance that he’ll get it. Right?  (We know they all have great taste; they picked us to hang out with, didn’t they? But jewelry is really tricky.)  We’ve all fallen prey to the trap of selecting a piece of jewelry for a friend or loved one, only to see when they open the box that it was wrong — all wrong.

Stackable rings are great alone or with your other rings.

Here’s where Maria’s vision comes in.  She decided to make it easy for women to buy for themselves with her prices and selection of jewelry. She loves to see mothers and daughters shopping together, as if to say, “It’s OK to buy it, honey.”

These rings are exquisite.

Maria’s wish list system works.  Anatra will scan the items you love and keep them on file.  Instead of throwing down lame hints to your hubby, you murmur, “Sweetie, why don’t you pop by Anatra, I found a couple of things I like.”

You’ll hear your husband breathe a sigh of relief and you will find your perfect gift under the tree.

You may call fowl, “BAH-HUMBUG. Where’s the surprise element?”

Here’s my thought:  we all have too much stuff anyway, and at a certain age you just want what you want.  And that’s perfectly OK.  The thought of my husband wandering the stores looking for my Christmas present is not the best use of his time.  I’d rather be at a movie or sipping a martini with him.

Stop by.  You’ll see that this place is special.  And, for fine jewelry, their prices are really great.

Anatra is located just past the Hwy 70/100 split, on HWY 100, near the Belle Meade Bread & Company.  For more information, see their website:

Happy Shopping!

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