The best luxury any of us can ask for in this fast-paced world is that of time and ease. And, when this comes wrapped in a fleet of luxury vehicles, all the better. Access by BMW is a new vehicle subscription service available exclusively in Nashville. Dubbed a “lifestyle accessory,” the service is simple yet sophisticated, allowing subscribers to drive around town in a different BMW anytime they want, all of which is arranged by one easy-to-use app. It’s truly a luxurious service that offers an unmatched — and life-enhancing — experience.

Access by BMW

Access by BMW is the luxury lifestyle accessory you’ve been missing.

How it Works

The Access by BMW concierge service delivers a vehicle based on the lifestyle experience you’re anticipating. For example, if you and some friends are traveling to the mountains for the weekend, you’ll need a larger vehicle for your travel adventures. You’ll be notified by text shortly before arrival, and once there, seats, mirrors and radio presets are adjusted to your specifications, and even your belongings are transferred to your new, fully fueled and detailed BMW — right down to the cup in the cup holder and the gym bag in your back seat. Each vehicle is either a current or prior-year model, ensuring you’re in style anytime you get behind the wheel. The entire process takes just a few minutes — and all you have to do is switch keys.

“Not only is it flexible, but it’s also a lifestyle,” says Access by BMW City Director Loren Johnson. Access by BMW is a lifestyle accessory that adds an enjoyment factor you didn’t know you were missing. “Being able to match your vehicle with a lifestyle experience without having the full-time commitment that comes with ownership makes the decision that much easier,” she adds. “Match your vehicle needs to the weather, your travel schedule or your business and social calendar that week.”

Access by BMW

You’ll receive a text prior to your replacement vehicle’s arrival. After that, you simply exchange keys, and you’re ready to enjoy your latest BMW.

The service includes all maintenance, detailing, roadside assistance and even insurance. Traveling this weekend? Use the app to get the BMW you want, and have another one waiting for you when you return. Is the weather going to be fabulous this weekend? Then a convertible may be the perfect option in which to drive around with the top down. If a vacation with the entire family is coming up, then you’ll likely receive a larger BMW model with plenty of room for everyone. Vehicles are selected for you based entirely on your interests and needs. Whether you desire a spacious SAV for your family, a luxury sedan for an important meeting or a sporty coupe for a night out, there is something for every interest.

Many new users love to explore their various options and get a feel for each, often switching vehicles a few times per week for the first few months until they get a feel for what they enjoy driving. “This isn’t a purchase, it’s a service,” shares one current Access by BMW member. “A service that always brings you fully detailed, nearly new BMWs with a full tank of gas — all at the push of a button.”

Membership Tiers

Access by BMW is a superior service due in large part to its unrivaled selection of vehicles as well as the membership tiers available, of which there are three: the BMW M, the Legend and the Icon. Pricing starts at $998 with the Icon; additional tiers include the Legend at $1,399 per month and the BMW M at $2,699 per month. In addition to your fully detailed BMW, each tier also includes concierge service, maintenance, roadside assistance and insurance. Plus you can switch tiers or pause service for a $200 convenience fee anytime you want — it’s truly a customizable experience from start to finish.

Access by BMW

Heading out on an adventure weekend with friends? Arrange for a larger model vehicle to accommodate everyone.

Access by BMW is currently offered exclusively in Nashville, which makes sense — it’s a sexy and fun place to be, with its exploding restaurant and fashion scenes. With on-demand access to just about everything a Nashvilllian could want or need, a vehicle subscription service is absolutely a desired component of the Music City lifestyle.

“Local dealer partnerships, as well as Nashville’s demographics and cultural profile, provide a fitting opportunity to promote the Access by BMW subscription program,” explains Loren.

When you’re ready to simplify your life and experience a new BMW as often as you’d like, the sign-up process is simple. Visit and follow the “Getting Started” instructions. You’ll be guided to download the Access by BMW app, enter in a bit of information about yourself, and, after a brief onboarding call, you’ll be ready to schedule your first vehicle delivery. That’s time and ease at the tip of your fingers — a lifestyle accessory you’ll love!

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This article is sponsored by Access by BMW.