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One chilly night in Washington, D.C., Camille Roberts joined her best friends from medical school for holiday drinks before a party at the University Club. When she walked into the room, she spotted Jaryd Lindheim, who had recently transferred from New York City to D.C. “He was the first face I saw in the room, and he had me laughing the entire night, from start to finish,” Camille tells us.

That laughter has remained! Three and a half years later, Jaryd orchestrated an extravagant engagement in New York City that was as delightful as it was surprising. The couple was walking to dinner on the West Side when a gentleman and videographer approached them. They explained to Camille and Jaryd that they were creating a documentary and interviewing couples across the country and would love their participation. With a little nudging from Jaryd, Camille obliged, and they got mic’ed up on West Side Highway. One of the first questions Kunal, the interviewer, asked was, “What is one of the key parts of your relationship?” And Camille answered, of course, laughing. For several minutes, the two lovingly laughed and answered questions about each other and their relationship. Finally, Kunal turned the tables to see if the couple had questions for them. It was then that Jaryd handed off the microphone, knelt down on one knee and asked the question that had certainly been on his mind for days, weeks and likely months. Camille was overjoyed and the plan had worked.

The Nashville skyline provided a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos.

Camille found her dress on the second stop. After loving many of the Jenny Yoo dresses at BHLDN, she decided to go straight to the source, where she found this stunning gown.

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Camille’s mother gave her a classic pair of drop pearl earrings from Tiffany & Co. to wear on her wedding day.

Camille guided Jaryd in his ring choice, and the result was, obviously, stunning.

One of Camille’s most special memories from the day was spending time with her (about-to-be) mother-in-law.

Jaryd’s mom is a Trish McEvoy makeup artist and applied Camille’s makeup in an intimate moment on her wedding day.

The bride was absolutely glowing.

And Jaryd looked dapper in his classic tux.

His face says it all!

The couple lived in New York at the time, but Camille grew up here in Nashville, so for the wedding weekend, they returned to her roots. The weekend began with a welcome party at Barista Parlor in Germantown. Florinda’s Cocina food truck was onsite, and Hamilton Bartending set up tasty libations on the coffee bar. The guests eventually made their way down to Broadway, experiencing all that Nashville’s honky-tonks had to offer. The welcome party evening set the scene for a weekend filled with special nods to Nashville throughout the whole celebration.

Nashville’s 21c Museum Hotel hosted the wedding and the reception. “Knowing we were planning the wedding from NYC, it was definitely important to have a venue and setup conducive to ease of planning and allowing guests the most comfortable experience, so it was incredible having such an awesome, organized team at 21c.” The team coordinated details from Friday to Sunday, and the couple was able to book the gorgeous penthouse for the weekend. In fact, one of the most memorable moments for the bride and groom was the afterparty on the penthouse rooftop. “I remember sitting on the couch with Jaryd with a glass of Champagne at 4 a.m., just after everyone left, thinking it was all the most perfect dream,” Camille tells through a huge smile.

The wedding day arrived and brought with it countless special moments for the bride and groom. Camille says, “I was actually very hesitant to have a wedding. I don’t like being in the center of attention, and I was concerned that it would be hard to create an intimate moment in the hustle of a wedding day, but I was so wrong!”

“It was really important to us that each person in the bridal party had a relationship with us as individuals and as a couple. Each of Jaryd’s six groomsmen is a gentleman that I adore! And he feels the same about the girls by me. Having those people with us made the day so perfect,” Camille says.

This crew was clearly ready to celebrate this couple!

The stunning Chuppah design was created by The New Eclectic. Camille explains, “I wanted something fun since it was a museum. I felt like we had to honor that! So our florist made papier-mâché flowers with a birch frame to create a beautiful piece of art for us.”

The art at 21c complemented the Chuppah and design details perfectly.

Another standout moment for Camille was the moment everything was official – surrounded by her family, his family and close family friends.

Amid candlelit tables, the mingling and celebrating began just after the ceremony.

The white tables and chairs allowed 21c’s artwork to stand out. Camille said the art was a starting point for all design decisions.

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Camille dressed with her bridesmaids, who chose their own black dresses for the big day. Surrounded by her closest friends and family, Camille sat as her mother-in-law applied her makeup. “It was an unexpected perfect moment for us that I will always cherish.” She then stepped into her Jenny Yoo dress and glowingly prepared to walk down the aisle. Her mom had found the perfect class fingertip veil to go with the dress, and surprised Camille with a pair of stunning Tiffany teardrop pearl earrings.

The traditional Jewish wedding held symbolism and deep meaning for the couple, and the ceremony itself is the part of the day that they reminisce upon most fondly. “Our vows to one another were the most special moment for us. I had no idea that it would feel so comfortable to say those things to one another in front of a room of people. It felt like we were the only people in the room,” Camille tells us. Additionally, the signing of the ketubah, when marriage becomes official in the Jewish faith, lies among the highlights of the day as the two signed with their parents and family friends Abby and David Salzman as witnesses.

The couple’s first dance was to the band’s rendition of Brothers Osbourne’s “Stay a Little Longer,” which had the crowd singing and clapping by the end.

Fun was (clearly) had by all!

Earthy and simple with just the right amount of impact, these florals made dreamy centerpieces.

And, as you’d guess, Jaryd kept Camille laughing all night long. No doubt his humor is one of her very favorite qualities about him!

After the ceremony, guests began the celebration while Camille and Jaryd snuck away for a moment to take it all in together. The band, Chubby & the Dots, led the party from beginning to end, keeping the crowd singing and dancing all night long. “We had to have a good band, and we hit the jackpot. We were dancing all night long … it was heaven,” Camille says. The artwork on the walls of 21c provided a background for design decisions, one that allowed guests to enjoy the unique offerings of the hotel and gallery throughout the weekend. “There was a vibe from the very beginning. The theme of the exhibit was supernatural, so the pieces created a beautiful backdrop.”

Intimate moments filled the entire night, creating a wedding that exceeded Camille and Jaryd’s highest hopes. Laughter ruled the day, and Camille noted that even in moments like the ceremony, Jaryd’s sense of humor shown. “Even in times of seriousness, Jaryd has a way of making me laugh.”

Cheers to many, many years of laughter ahead, Camille and Jaryd. We will you all the best!



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