Photographer Tausha Dickinson knew she had the ability to bring cheer and community to her neighborhood Tywater Crossing, in Franklin, Tennessee, amidst the COVID-19 lockdown that we are all in. Here was her update on Facebook:


“First of all, let me say that I do take the COVID-19 very seriously and I have been self-quarantined to my house for a week, but I needed a creative outlet, so I posted in my neighborhood group today and gave my neighbors a 5-hour notice that I was going to walk around and wanted to photograph their families (from a VERY safe distance of course!)

I let everyone do their own thing and I absolutely loved capturing these and we all had a good laugh ….”

All the following photos are published with Tausha Dickinson’s permission and they are called “Weird Times Bright Spirits.

Enjoy the below outtakes and we hope it inspires creativity and brings joy.

family having fun during social distancing Coronavirus 2020. Image: Tausha Dickinson

The creativity some of these families brought is amazing!

Image: Tausha Dickinson

How funny is this?!

Do you see the family in the top right window?! Image: Tausha Dickinson

Do you see the family in the top right window?!

Image: Tausha Dickinson

Here’s a close up of that family!

A couple sitting outside their house in Westhaven, in Franklin, TN.Image: Tausha Dickinson

Sweetness ❤️

Family on their front porch in Westhaven, Franklin, TN. Image: Tausha Dickinson

Just hanging out!

Couple practicing social distancing on their front porch. Image: Tausha Dickinson

See that sign? It says “social distancing is 60 feet.” HA!

Man with a cigar, toilet paper and whiskey and canned goods. Image: Tausha Dickinson

This man is ready for zombies AND COVID-19!

Wife throwing food for her husband to catch in his mouth: Image: Tausha Dickerson

Hey, honey, catch this!

Family with toilet paper, whiskey, canned goods. Image: Tausha Dickinson

Should this be their Christmas card?!

man in his robe in the middle of the street.Image: Tausha Dickinson

I mean, don’t you know this man is hysterical? (and likely really cold right here!)

Woman jumping in the air Image: Tausha Dickinson

This captures “What in the world?”!

Hugs on the porch. Image: Tausha Dickinson

Hugs are needed right now.

kids in the door during pandemic lock down, Image: Tausha Dickinson

Hi, there sweet girlie!

Peeking out the front door. Image: Tausha Dickinson

Cute kids peeking out the front door.

Boy with his dog on front stairs. Image: Tausha Dickinson

Dogs are truly our best friends right now!

To see more of these images, go to Tausha’s website HERE.

And, follow Tausha Dickinson on Instagram for more creativity! @taushadickinson


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