seashellcollectionI first read about these seashells in Real Simple a year and a half ago. They struck a cord with me.  Now, I’m on the prowl for the perfect wedding present for my dear cousin, Samantha.  She is the only other girl cousin I have on my Mom’s side, so we have always had a bond.  There are just those people in your life for whom you don’t want to buy off the registry.  I know, I know.  Please don’t yell! Couples spend hours filling out those registries!  I get it.  But, the personal items sent for our wedding that exuded great taste and sentiment were very cherished and still are counted amongst our favorite possessions.

Ruzzeti & Gow

So, with no further preamble, I offer up the suggestion of these fabulous silver-coated seashells by Ruzzetti & Gow.  With a price range of approx. $80-$200 (some go as high as $1000!) these prove to be a great splurge gift for the special people in your life.  They come fully coated, or partially coated. I like the idea of the sea representing a constant in our lives with no real beginning or end.  It breathes in new life into all that visit.  What a great metaphor for a marriage.

Nate Berkus (of Oprah fame) has been quoted as saying that a piece of sea-life should be present in every room.  That is sometimes hard to do as seashells can sometimes feel a little too “beach house” for me.  Well, these are equally at home at the beach, in your modern, minimalist loft, or your in Nashville traditional home.  Whatever your style, these shells work.  Place on a shelf, on top of a stack of books, in a bowl with other shells or pine cones, or in your powder room.  Really, the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!