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A new year = new wedding trends. We speak with the event planning experts at Infinity Hospitality to find out what they’re anticipating for weddings this year.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic comes with a unique set of challenges, and no one could have predicted the number of rescheduled weddings last year. The shutdowns largely impacted the event industry — and the brides. Although the restrictions are not behind us, couples continue to tie the knot at small, intimate weddings or plan for the day when they can gather freely with friends. “Infinity Hospitality has continued to work with clients, vendors, elected officials, the health department, as well as other venues owners in Nashville to maintain the safest environment, while still providing the memorable event all clients have come to expect from Infinity,” says Nathaniel Beaver, president of the Nashville event planning and design company.

The design and event experts are hopeful that gatherings will resume and large crowds can find their way to a packed dance floor again soon. Looking forward, the experts predict wedding trends for 2021 (and perhaps 2022). The smaller weddings that became so popular this year will continue to be the most popular option for couples. Invitations will be reserved for immediate family, and this comes with its advantages. A smaller wedding opens more opportunities for personalized details, intentional planning and grander décor.

Here, Infinity Hospitality’s top creatives share the top wedding trends for 2021.

2021 Wedding Trend Predictions

2021 Wedding Trends: Stunning placesettings

Infinity Hospitality, a local event planning and design company, reveals the top wedding trends for 2021. Venue: The Bell Tower | Image: Rachel Moore Photography

2021 Trend: Small Weddings

There is one trend we can all agree on: couples will keep their guest counts to a minimum — even as restrictions are lifted. “We were forced into trimming down guest counts through government restrictions and shutdowns last year, but it has reset people’s mindsets and allowed them to focus on who and what is most important to them,” explains Infinity Hospitality Event Director Kristina Hannon. A smaller guestlist lends itself to a more intimate evening, and couples can focus on those who are most important to them. Small(er) weddings will continue to be a trend, whether they take place during the pandemic or not.

2021 Wedding Trend: Intentionality

As creative director of Infinity Hospitality, Ashley Hayden saw couples face tough decisions last year, including whether or not to postpone, cancel or elope. These difficult decisions forced couples to think about what matters most. “With this renewed focus on purpose, meaning, and intent, we saw couples lean into the choices they made for their wedding day,” she shares. Couples shifted their focus to personalization and special favors for the guests, such as personalized letters thanking guests, more heartfelt speeches, and party favors.

Last year, people slowed down and learned to appreciate the small things. This appreciation for the small, personal and intentional details will continue to drive the wedding planning process in 2021.

2021 Wedding Trend: Humor & Personality

Humor and laughter are necessary when planning a wedding, and even more so when planning or replanning a wedding during a pandemic. “A great way to incorporate personality into the design is by adding humor to your signage or paper goods,” says Event Designer Cassidy Wind. This shows that couples are able to laugh (and sometimes cry) together through everything, including adapting their wedding plans. One of her favorite examples of couples using humor was a change-the-date card in the shape of a toilet paper roll. “The couple literally had to roll with the punches of planning and replanning everything,” she laughs.

2021 Wedding Trend: Miniature Menu

Wedding experts, including caterers, have been forced to think of creative solutions to feeding guests safely and styling food displays. Instead of grand buffets, couples are opting for personal plates with miniature snacks. Instead of a big cake, expect to see mini desserts at each seat. There is something charming about miniature versions of our favorite foods, isn’t there?

2021 Wedding Trends: Small, individual desserts

A simpler, safer way to serve dessert is by serving individual portions to each guest. Image: Thankfully Taken Photography

2021 Wedding Trend: Maximizing Tablescapes

Instead of blowing the budget on extensive menus and a large guest list, couples are putting their efforts into tablescapes and centerpieces. The design experts at Infinity Hospitality predict fuller tables with more décor, florals and other design elements. “Couples can maximize their tablescapes by upgrading to gold flatware, using specialty linens like velvet, layering china, and swapping out typical stemware for fun colorful glassware. For centerpieces, think candles and whimsical organic floral arrangements,” Ashley says.

2021 Wedding Trends: Elegant tablescapes

Instead of spending the entire budget on food and alcohol, brides are using their dollars to decorate. This year, expect to see grand tablescapes. Venue: The Bridge Building | Image: Hannah Leigh Imagery

2021 Wedding Trends: Beautiful tablescapes

Make the most of your tablescape and embrace more flowers, more candles, more everything! Image: John Myers Photography

2021 Wedding Trend: Mixed Seating

“In the past few years, we’ve seen interior design play a huge role in venue styling and floor plans. Bringing the living room feel to a wedding by mixing and matching tables and seating creates dimension and adds warmth to a space,” Ashley says and we agree. This year, you will continue to see mix-matched tables and seating. Plus, separate seating areas can ensure proper social distancing.

2021 Wedding Trends: mixed seating

Wedding designers have gotten creative with floor plans to ensure proper social distancing. An easy way to create separate spaces for folks to gather is by using mixed seating options. Venue: The Bell Tower | Image: Details Nashville

We wish you happy wedding planning and fun, safe festivities.

To learn more about how Infinity Hospitality’s team of expert planners can help you safely plan the fun, on-trend wedding of your dreams this year, visit them online at

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