People are very picky about their coffee, wanting it just so. We asked some Nashvillians in the know to answer the burning question: “What is your favorite coffee drink in town?” We gathered a pretty great list of these locals’ favorite way to get their eyes open each morning.

The Cortado at Crema

“The Cortado—it’s like a miniature latte! Spanish descent Crema is the best place to get one in Nashville and has a great view of the Nashville skyline from the deck! I like to have one of these to get the creative juices flowing. Recently I teamed up with local designer David Phillips to create Rustorations Lighting, which was inspired by found objects and a few Cortado’s.” Mike Wolfe of American Pickers and owner of Antique Archaeology

The Cuban from Crema

The Cortado from Crema

The Pinewood Mocha

“I LOVE the Pinewood Mocha at Pinewood Social. The name implies that there is coffee in it, but the Askinsoie cocoa, malt and smoked syrup cover the taste if there is. It is so smooth and perfect for these cold winter days. I have a feeling that the people watching and cool environment also add to the flavor.” Mclaine Richardson, owner of Margaret Ellis Jewelry

Pinewood Mocha
The Pinewood Mocha

The Cuban at Crema

Crema’s ‘The Cuban’ … A creamy kick in the pants.” Mark Montgomery, founder FLOThinkery

The Cuban at Crema

The Cuban at Crema

Elida Natural at Roast, Inc.

“My current addiction is Elida Natural at Roast, Inc. No need for all of the fluffy accoutrements, just drink a hot cup of this supreme bean and you’ll know what I mean.” Marcia Masulla, Yelp, Nashville Fashion Week.

Elida Naturel at Eighth and Roast
Elida Natural at Roast, Inc. (formerly known as Eighth and Roast)

The Slingshot at Garage Coffee

“The Hot Buttered Americano was the best in town at Drinkhaus until Kat Roos closed up shop. Nowadays, I get my fix on the Slingshot at Garage Coffee. It’s made with their house Road Rage espresso and includes dashes of caramel and smoke bourbon salts.” Sam Davidson, Batch Nashville

Slingshot coffee drink at Garage Coffee.
Slingshot coffee drink at Garage Coffee

Iced Breve Latte

“I used to only drink iced lattes (light ice, please), but one day the gentlemen at Bongo East accidentally made my husband’s order (Caffe Breve) on ice and I was hooked. I’m not exactly sure what makes it different, but I’m sure it has to do with fat in the milk because it’s as creamy as a cloud. It’s probably half and half; whatever it is, I love it and I will not insult my morning, my body or my coffee by ordering it skim, skinny or soy. Nope. Not me. Not here. Iced Breve Latte, light ice, right here please.” Kate Mills co-owner OMG and owner of Kate Kills It.

Breve latte over ice
Breve Latte over ice

White Chocolate Mocha from Fido

“Because I have moved around so much over the last few years I have grown to depend on Starbucks for my White Chocolate Mocha. It has become a ritual for me and is part of my routine. Now that I am in Nashville there is no shortage of other great coffee places like Fido or Bongo Java. I don’t go in every day but I do stop in most days. A good white chocolate mocha never lets me down.” Seth Jones, Nashville Predators player

Fido Latte.
Fido Latte

Joe to Go at flour.sugar.eggs

“The SILO staff can be seen grabbing a joe to go at flour. sugar. eggs. or The Red Bicycle many days.” Clay Greenberg, owner of SILO.

A coffee from flour.sugar.eggs

Espresso Malt Shake at Sip Cafe

Sip Cafe in East Nashville. I love their staff and I love that you can get espresso malt shakes there. I feel like espresso malt shakes should be more readily available to the public.” Alanna Quinn-Broadus, lead singer for Alanna Royale.

Sip Cafe's Espresso Malt Shake
Sip Cafe’s Espresso Malt Shake

Mocha Latte from Barista Parlor and Ginger Syrup Latte from Dose

“The mocha latte from Barista Parlor and the Ginger Syrup Latte from Dose bring us back, time and time again.” SB staff, general statement when eight people are pressed to choose only two favorites!

Barsita Parlor 2

The Mocha Latte at Barista Parlor

Ginger Syrup Latte from Dose
Ginger Syrup Latte from Dose

This is just the tip of the coffee iceberg. With new coffee shops opening all the time, and old favorites that we love dearly, we’re trying to keep up with it all at SB Guide. To see all of our coffee shops listed, click here.

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