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If you’ve ever priced oil portraits, you know that they are PRICEY.  In my humble opinion there are also totally worth it if you can squeak it out of your budget.  Well, now you just might be able to.  Ann Cowden, a Nashville artist who does a fantastic job, has started a new line of portraits, simply referred to as paintings.  You supply the photograph; high res is not mandated (in fact it can even be a picture from your phone!) and she paints a beautiful painting, without all the detail of her portraits, that will be 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 and prices start at just $1,000.

I have interviewed Ann before and she honestly just loves to paint and has great talent.  One of my best friends has a painting of her two children that Anne did and it captures them perfectly.  At this price point, some can think birthday or anniversary gift.  Or, you might be able to trade a bit around in your household budget to jump on this deal.  Ann knows the economy is hard and lots of Nashville just had some huge flood bills added to the pot.  Fact is, she wants to keep painting as it is her passion.  So take advantage!  Email Ann at [email protected] and see her website here:

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