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"The mission of Harding Academy is summed up in three words: Love. Think. Live."

"The mission of Harding Academy is summed up in three words: Love. Think. Live."

Harding Academy’s mission is summed up in three words: Love. Think. Live.

LOVE—The heart of all actions at Harding is love. They believe their most important task is teaching their students to love others as Christ loves them.

THINK—It’s not about having the right answer on the first try. It’s about problem solving, asking hard questions, and making new discoveries. Harding teaches students to think creatively and learn with open minds.

LIVE—Nothing makes the Harding Academy team happier than seeing their graduates thrive. They work to build a foundation so students can follow their dreams to the glory of God.

Students love that they get to explore so many things at Harding. They can create pottery, play basketball, build robots, plant and harvest vegetables, and more. In fact, over half of Harding students in grades 6–12 are on an athletic team AND in a fine arts class. This well-rounded experience helps students to think creatively, become better problem solvers, and learn about themselves.


6 Weeks - 12th Grade



Yearly Tuition:

$11,795 - $16,495

Average Class Size:

20 students

Religious Affiliation:


Application Deadline:


Open Houses

November 4th, 2021 at 6 p.m.
November 7th, 2021 at 2 p.m.

Virtual Open Houses are available for all sections of Harding Academy.
Click here for a virtual Open House or call 901-767-4494 to schedule an in-person campus tour at this Memphis private school.

Harding Academy
1100 Cherry Road, Memphis, TN 38117

Little Harding
1106 Colonial Road Memphis, TN 38117

Admissions Director

Anne Nowlin
[email protected]

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