Worlds Away is a locally owned home furnishings designer wholesale company to the trade. But, lucky for us, their outlet is here in Memphis! And their prices are OUT OF this world.

Follow the Tiger Paws…

Formerly their operation was run out of a warehouse downtown and their small showroom was located on Central Ave. near Cooper. They are all settled into their new location now at Central and Hollywood (facing the Children’s Museum) and it is a playground for those interested in interiors and bargains. I cannot tell you how many times I have been flipping through Traditional Home or clicking through Lonny Magazine and have seen Worlds Away’s signature designs featured prominently.

At the outlet they have everything from tables and lamps to mirrors and seating. Sometimes there will be small imperfections but nothing that can’t be fixed by replacing some glass panels here and there (which is super inexpensive to do). I have found several pieces for my home including a mirrored chest sold for hundreds more at Neiman Marcus, great lamps, the cutest waste basket ever and much more.

Follow the Tiger Paws…

Their contemporary and modern furnishings have been featured in many magazines and are loved by decorators in all markets.

Worlds Away Coffee Table in the Nate Berkus Show

Worlds Away Vero Mirror in Gwyneth’s bathroom!

I have to roam through there at least twice to make certain that I don’t miss a thing! You really can get lost in there.

Look up at all the wonderful light fixtures that line the ceiling.

Look up!

Chandelier at Worlds Away

Don’t want to miss the light fixtures throughout

Look down at the furniture around you and the rugs on the floor.

Brilliant rugs

Look around at the beautiful lamps, window treatments and wall hangings.

Love these floor lamps

Lamp shades in all shapes, sizes and colors

Drapery Panels in a variety of textures

But do watch your step: it’s packed full of treasures!

Decorative Jars


Colors that really pop

And fabric at deep discounts

Enjoy an otherworldly experience as you get lost in the Worlds Away’s outlet. I guarantee you’ll find something special for your home and giggle the next time you see their retail prices quoted in magazines or online!

Mirror and Table

322 South Hollywood Street