We are big fans of online retailer Bourbon & Boots. They are similar to Etsy, in that they support hundreds of small makers and artisans. But, unlike Etsy, it’s highly curated and you should expect greatness — we certainly do!

From finely crafted leather bags to Southern t-shirts and whimsical cards, this online shop is one that allows you to discover items — sometimes made in your own city — that you otherwise might miss. We are so happy to have Bourbon & Boots join us today with a rockin’ list of Father’s Day gift ideas!

And, as an added bonus, be sure to check out the details of our fabulous $1000+ giveaway with Bourbon & Boots at the bottom of today’s post.

Melissa, from Bourbon & Boots:

Artisan Pork Rinds Duo, $12 We’ve never been this excited about a little skin. When you take salt-cured pork skin, add some olive oil and tease with some curious seasonings, ordinary pork skins become delicious, crispy little clouds. Pork Clouds, to be exact. Each order comes with 2 snack-sized bags. Flavors: Habanero Pepper, Rosemary & Sea Salt, and Malabar Black Pepper. Made in Georgia.

Pork Clouds Habanero Pepper

For the dad who wants crunchy snacks. Perfect for Paleo followers. Click here.

Gingham Bow Ties and Pocket Squares, $12 – $34 Gingham can be casual or dressy, depending on how you wear it, but it’s always Southern. Choose from four classic gingham bow ties — some with matching pocket squares — in a variety of colors to complement an afternoon at the races, brunch, Easter Sunday or dinner with friends. Made in South Carolina.

Bow tie and Pocket Square

Keep dad dapper with a bow tie and pocket square! Order both for under $50. Click here.

Bolen’s Bodacious Boot Butter, $15 It’s more than a balm. It’s “blam.” Biff Bolen’s Bodacious Boot Butter is not too soft, not too stiff. Just right to keep your boots in tip-top shape without making your eyes water from the smell. In fact, it’s a smell you’ll happily inhale like flowers: cinnamon, patchouli, peppermint. Made in Texas.

Boot Butter

Dad needs to keep his boots spiffy, right?! Click here.

Bawston & Tucker Solid Cologne, $15 Bawston & Tucker Solid Colognes are masculine scents in a beeswax, almond oil, or shea butter base. To use, swirl finger in cologne and apply pulse points such as the neck, wrists and behind ears. Ideal for traveling, your gym bag, or stashing in an office drawer. Made in Alabama.

Bawson and Tucker  Solid Colognes

Keep dad smelling great with these easily portable and solid colognes. Click here.

Horn Shot Glasses, from $21 With these horn shot glasses made from genuine hand-polished cow horn, dad will be done with his supply of shot glass souvenirs. Cups measure either 3 inches or 5 inches tall with a wood resin bottom. Orders come in sets of 2. Made in Kentucky.

Dads like to party, too. Who knew horn shot glasses existed?! Click here.

Dads like to party, too. Who knew horn shot glasses existed?! Click here.

Moonshine Cake, from $30 Each one of these cakes is baked with the finest ingredients, and then soaked in real Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine. Available in chocolate chip, blueberry or lemon. Warning: Don’t expect dad to share. Made in Tennessee.

Bourbon and Boots_moonshine cakes_5-14

Treat your dad to something sweet. Click here.

How to Talk Like a Southern Gent Print, $39 Dad doesn’t need reminding, but a few houseguests might take notes on this “How to Talk Like a Southern Gent” print. Ask them to glance over at this print, twirl the ends of their mustache, and say the first phrase that strikes their fancy. Made in Tennessee.


Turn your Pop onto propriety. Click here.

Stripling’s Southern Breakfast, $42.59 Treat dad to a well-rounded, pork-based Southern breakfast full of the necessities: sausage, pancakes, country ham, cheese and Mayhaw jelly. Stripling’s General Store in Georgia offers the best from their butcher shop delivered right to his door. Made in Georgia.


A way to a man’s heart is through his belly. For this breakfast bounty, Click here.

Leather-Wrapped Rocks Glasses, from $48 These black, leather-wrapped rocks glasses are a must-have for any bourbon aficionado. They’e crafted from Libbey rocks glasses, English bridle leather, and bonded nylon thread. Holds 13.5 ounces. Made in Kentucky.


It’s important to sip in style. To order this item for your Dapper Dan, Click here.

DIY Scrimshaw Knife, $48.50 Dad can do something practical with this DIY Scrimshaw Knife Kit, which includes everything he needs to create a one-of-a-kind pocket knife. Add a family name, original design or an organization’s symbols to the classic trapper-style pocket knife. Made in Arkansas.


For a practical and personal gift sure to please Pops, click here.

Cannon’s Point Shot-Shell Belt, from $65 This bullet belt is as classy and versatile. The leather is oiled and polished to a rich brown hue that only gets better with age. Choose a single shot-shell or the multi-shot shell. Finish off the look with an engraving (initials or full name) on the single shot-shell belt. Made in Florida.


Masculine and well made, this belt is a must-have for your man. Click Here.

P. Airey Wallet, $75 This bi-folding P. Airey Wallet is crafted from hand-dyed, vegetable-tanned leather. It has four credit card slots, one exterior pocket sleeve and a currency pocket lined with a piece from an military old dress uniform. Made in Georgia.


This high-quality gift is like bourbon: it will only get better with age. Click here.

Moonshine Cologne and Aftershave, $80/$40 You may smirk at first, like we did, at the thought of moonshine cologne. But this isn’t some gag gift or homemade recipe cooked up from a still. This is the real deal. It has a woodsy aroma with hints of spice: including black pepper, tobacco, leather, gin, and even a little patchouli. Made in Texas.


Ensure your dad smells like a real man. Click here.

Twist Handcrafted Railroad Spike Knives, $95 A knife like dad has never owned, these one-of-a-kind railroad spike knives are forged from actual high carbon railroad spikes. Each one is hammered by hand and the blades are water-quenched for hardness. Includes a protective leather pouch with leather tie closure. Made in Louisiana.


An eye-catching, practical gift. Click here.

Copper Shot Glasses, $125 So what did overly manly-man Wyatt Earp drink out of when he took a shot of whiskey? Probably something that looked like one of these Old West copper shot glasses. Give dad the same O.K. Corral feeling. Made in Vermont.

Any man will be transported back with the Wild West with one shot out of these. Click here.

Any Dad will be transported back with the Wild West with one shot out of these. Click here.

Bourbon Buffet, $150 The perfect serving platter for dad’s favorite beverage: Bourbon. Crafted from oak timbers reclaimed from barns built since the turn of the century, it has spots for your bottle, two tumblers and a bowl of ice. Comes with two glasses, ice dish and tongs. Bourbon not included. Made in North Carolina.


Real men drink Maker’s Mark. Click here.

Great American Copper Flask, $199 Hand-built out of pure copper, this purely authentic, purely American flask is soldered – not welded – for added authenticity. Give this to dad for Father’s Day, and you’ll be the new favorite child. If you’re not already. Made in Vermont.


Impress your Dad with this unique, purely American gift. Click here.

Ben Franklin Stein, $250 Right before he famously took a kite into a lightning storm, ol’ Ben probably took a few swigs from something like this beer stein. The historically-accurate beer stein is made from pure copper and shares the same qualities as some of the best modern American beers — handcrafted in small batches by artisans who take pride in their work. Made in Vermont.

This stein will keep you Pop's favorite brew chilled while he sips. Click here.

This stein will keep you Pop’s favorite brew chilled while he sips. Click here.

PK Grill, $265 This amazing grill doubles as a smoker. This top-quality aluminum cooker can produce the flavor of charcoal-fed hickory smoke. Made in Arkansas.

Hopefully if you give this gift you will get invited over every time your Dad grills out! Click here.

Hopefully if you give this gift, you will be invited over every time your dad grills out! Click here.

Minimalist Standard Leather Satchel, $650 With simple, minimalist lines, copper rivets and rugged leather, the artisans here set out to create the strongest leather satchel on the market. And, by George, they’ve one it. It carries like a briefcase, with room for a 15″ laptop as well as files, books or magazines. Made in North Carolina.


It is about time Dad replaced that old, beat up briefcase! Click here.

Cheers to Dad!

Thanks Melissa and Bourbon & Boots! See more fabulous gift ideas here: www.bourbonandboots.com.

And, how about that $1000+ giveaway we mentioned? That’s right, this is a big one and it’s its full of fabulous goodies for summertime fun! For more information, click here!